Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot

Have you ever wondered how exciting and magical it would be to dine with a King and Queen? Well, you have the opportunity to find out in this slot game from Pragmatic Play. However, as you already know, you are only a King for a day, but you can be King or Queen in this slot for a limited time. Hence, you have to maximize every opportunity, which this slot would bring to you.

This traditional slot game with 3 lines, as the title portrays, comes with a card game theme and comes in the form of a classic casino slot game. If you have been engaging with slot games for a long time, you might feel a bit nostalgic whilst playing it, but newbies would feel intrigued by the new game experience. Read the Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot Review to find out more about the game.

About Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot Game

The background of the video slot is a royal garden and gives you a story of the King and Queen in their castle. You will see bright and shining symbols with the story’s main heroes and royal attributes in this game. This bright and colourful online slot game comes with many paylines, making gambling with the King and Queen video slot machine exciting and profitable.

The vintage casino theme does not possess any intricate background. The graphics are straight to the point, with a traditional bright green casino table serving as the backdrop. The sound effects sound like a very old online slot machine; hence, there is nothing to look forward to.

How To Play Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot Online

This 3 reel, 3 pay line slot game is easy to comprehend, and little or nothing will cause complications when you are engaging with it. However, you have to match the wagering requirement when you are engaging with the base game. Below, you will find instructions that will guide you in achieving that.

  • You will find the command button at the bottom of the screen, which would help you select your paylines
  • Choose the value of your bet stake per line
  • Use the spin button to begin your gameplay
  • You can use the bet max option to use the highest bet possible in this slot machine.

Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot come with adaptability for desktop, mobile, tablet, android devices, iOS, and other platforms you might desire. It does not matter the platform you want to use, and this online casino game allows you to access the gameplay on the go.

Interactive Features

The only special feature, which can stand as an additional feature in this online casino game, is the wild symbol. This symbol comes as the Wild symbol, and it can replace any symbols with wilds, which will not give you a winning combination. The wild symbol has a key value to offer in this slot game, especially as the casino game lacks extra features that will give you the ability to make maximum payout.

There are no scatters in this slot game, because as a traditional slot game, it is void of bonus games and extra features. The wild symbol can give you a payout worth 2000x your bet stake. The wild card can appear anywhere on the reel, with great profits. Hence, you must do all you can to access the wild symbol whenever you land a winning combination during the base gameplay.

Game Symbols

You have to get yourself acquainted with the paytable to get used to the symbols and payouts this slot game proffers. This casino game will find game features like queens, kings, aces, double bars, and triple bar symbols. As with most vintage slot games, Kings and Queens 3 Lines focuses on the winning symbol combinations more than the value of each icon.

You will find double and Triple Bar Signs, Aces, Kings and Queens Symbols, and others naturally trail the reels.  The King is the most important symbol for two reasons: the most valuable and a Wild card. The Aces might be the low-paying symbol, but they have their usefulness. You do not need to land 3 Ace symbols to make a win, and even a single Ace can give you a cash reward.

Bonus Features

There are no bonus features in this online slot game. As a traditional slot game, it does not possess any extra game on the side that can stand as a bonus game or even give a spins bonus. The only game here is the base game with all of the wilds it comes with.

What Symbol Triggers Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are no free spins in this slot game. This is a classic or a traditional slot game, and if you are a fan of slot games, you would know that such slot games lack bonus features of any kind. The absence of free spins does not make the game have a lesser value than you might already think it has. Slot experts seem to think that there is so much more to traditional slot games than the free spins and bonus rounds.

Paylines and Stakes

There are 3 paylines in this slot game. If you want to make the most from this slot game, it is best to activate all 3 paylines to increase your chances of getting huge rewards. Your bet stake should be between a minimum deposit amount of 0.01 and a maximum deposit amount of 5 coins betting range for a line. Note that if you can land Kings all through a pay line, you will obtain 6,000 in a single bet per spin.

Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot Game Software

Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot machine belongs to the well-known Pragmatic Play games. This is one of the greatest and fastest-growing online and mobile games providers for all devices you can think of. With games to prove this, they are certainly one of the rising stars to keep an extra lookout for.

Gamers constantly seek thrills from their games, with action and high stakes. Pragmatic Play is aware of this and customizes their creations to create the most fulfilling product they can for the players. Everything provided by Pragmatic is developed and made in-house, with content for over 150 verified and great games for both mobile and desktop.

What are Kings and Queens 3 Lines RTP?

This slot machine comes with an RTP of 91.76%. This low RTP value does not give you a greater chance of making a win for every $100 you place your bet stake upon. This is because it is lower than the casino industry Return to Player Average of 95%.

Slot Volatility     

This Kings and Queens 3 Lines Slot comes with a medium-level variance. A medium variance slot gives you frequent wins and payouts at intervals. However, the medium variance will make little or no difference with the low RTP the game possesses.


Kings and Queens 3 Lines by Pragmatic Play offer you a simple, engaging, and fun-filled gameplay with a touch of nostalgia. This game takes you on a reminiscent journey of classic casino games gone by. Even though it would appeal to old-timers of slot games, newbies who want to try it out might change their minds due to the lack of bonus features and the low RTP value.

Kings and Queens 3 Lines is a hit-or-miss classic game. Either you fall in love with the unique antique atmosphere, or you just push it aside. However, if you have familiarity with vintage slot games, you would know that this slot game has more going for it despite the lack of bonus features and low RTP.

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