Kindred Group’s 32Red Sanctioned For Jack & Beanstalk Ad By ASA

After two problems were upheld, Kindred Group’s online casino brand 32Red was approved by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The issue was with two paid-for Google search advertisements for the company, which were shown on 25 April 2019 when the search term ‘ Jack and Beanstalk’ was used.

The ASA questioned two such instances regarding bonuses and benefits, which questioned whether the advertisements were probable to be of specific interest to kids and whether they were aimed to kids under 18 years of era through the choice of media or the context in which they emerged.

Responding to both issues 32Red indicated that the advertisements were used as part of a community targeting Google consumers when respective title search conditions were entered.

It was also pointed out that the Jack and Beanstalk game had been categorised as elevated danger, implying that viewers would not be allowed to view it unless age-verification had taken place, but that in this example “it had been included in their website’s list of slot games in error.”

In addition, the ASA stated in its judgement: “they said they removed the ads as soon they were brought to their attention and also checked that other high risk games also were not being actively advertised. They had put in place steps to ensure that any such high risk titles did not appear in keyword lists for ad targeting in future”.

Recognising 32Red’s maneuvers to rapidly remove advertisements, the self-regulatory organisation summarise that, despite not including child-friendly imagery, they were probable to be particularly appealing to kids.

Adding in its judgement: “Because it was a highly popular classic children’s fairy tale, we considered that there was a strong possibility that this search term would be input by children, or adults who were accompanied by a child.

“We therefore considered that, by targeting ads to search engine users who used that term, 32Red had not specifically and carefully targeted the ad only at those aged 18 or over, and had therefore directed gambling ads to those aged under 18 years of age.”

The advertisements must not occur again in the type accused of, with 32Red being reminded to guarantee that potential advertisements did not appeal to those under 18 years of era and were not aimed to those under the same age bracket.



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