Kindred Group Teams Up With NU:Nolla Utanförskapet To Offer Programming Class

Together with NU:Nolla Utanförskapet, the Kindred Group are to organise a programming class for young adults aged 18 to 25.

Kindred begins collaboration with NU:Nolla Utanförskapet with the objective of enhancing programming understanding and software and providing perspective into the cyber industry for young adults residing in culturally sensitive fields.

Alexander Westrell, Head of Communications at Kindred Group said: “The opportunity to organise this project together with NU is both inspiring and exciting, the cooperation is a natural progression for Kindred in our sustainability effort. The response among our employees has been overwhelming with many expressing inspirational commitments to give back to our community, by teaching code.

“The tech sector is constantly in need of competent people. If we can ignite an interest in code and programming amongst these young adults and at the same time build their confidence, and increase the sense of team effort– that will be a win-win situation.”

Sanna Wolk, initiator and co-founder of Nolla Utanförskapet added: “So many talented individuals are alienated growing up, and they often have a distinct feeling of not being wanted nor needed. This course, that we are organising together with Kindred, is an important step on the way to reach the most socially and economically marginalised areas around Stockholm.

“It will help to create a sense of belonging, as well as provide young adults from these areas with the necessary tools to engage in a career within the tech sector. The projects create opportunities for young adults as they establish themselves in the work force and opens many doors in terms of work and internships.”