Kindred Group Joins EASG To Promote Bettor Time App

Kindred Group has formed a partnership with the European Association for the Study of Gambling, which will see the company promote an app that can help users recognise early signs of gambling addiction.

This online gambling company has pledged to generate no revenue from harmful gambling by 2023, and this agreement will help them achieve that goal.

The Bettor Time app was created by Zafty Intelligence, a mobile mental health assessment company that uses patented machine learning techniques to detect distinct changes in user behaviour linked to mental health disorders. It will be available to all Android users initially, followed by iOS users.

Self-control tool

The self-control tool appears to be nothing more than a time tracker that tracks a user’s time spent on gambling-related activities across all providers. The programme timestamps open and front-of-screen gambling goods in order to track their usage.

Kindred Group’s head of responsible gaming and research, Maris Catania, said of the collaboration: “For us promoting the Bettor Time App is a given and it is in line with our commitment of zero per cent revenue from harmful gambling by 2023.

“The technology behind this app with Zafty’s unique machine learning algorithms that take the recorded activity and learn each user’s normal behaviour is very interesting. 

“This app can help users make better informed decisions about their gambling. We are proud to promote this app and I recommend other operators to follow.”

Academic research

Bettor Time is run by the EASG, which will be in charge of controlling and disseminating anonymised user data for academic research. The goal is to make this app available to all markets and the entire industry, allowing operators to provide access to their clients and improve their responsible gambling efforts based on any research gathered.

Zafty’s machine learning algorithms are used in the app, which take the recorded activities and learn each user’s regular behaviour. Once this baseline has been created, the system can track changes in activity that could suggest the onset of problem behaviour, such as a player who used to bet for two hours on Saturday mornings but now bets at midnight on Tuesdays.

The software will recommend customised features and support based on the extent of change in the user’s behaviour, assisting the user in restoring their gambling behaviour to a healthy level.

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