Kenya Charity Sweepstake affiliate of Tenlot launches 6/49 Lotto

A new lottery game called ‘Lotto Bomba 6/49’ has been introduced by Kenya Charity Sweepstake (KCS), an affiliate of Tenlot Group, an international gaming operator. The daily match is shown live on one of Kenya’s leading TV channels.

Additional USSD distribution platform launch

The latest 6/49 game comes, among others, as an alternative to the physical scratch lottery of KCS, 5/39 Jackpot, Lucky 3, Kenno and instant games. The business has also launched a new USSD distribution platform in conjunction with the launch of the new game, which incorporates sales through SMS, paybill, phone, mobile app and via Kenya’s largest lottery retail network.

Ground-breaking moment

Peter Njoroge, long-time President of KCS said: “This new game is a ground-breaking moment for KCS, as it kickstarts the rejuvenation of this traditional lottery company, a Kenyan household name. KCS is the country’s oldest lottery company, founded in 1966, and our heritage is the blueprint of our future. We are honoured to have Tenlot Group leading this operation with us.”

50+ Years of charity

KCS CEO Yaron Farachu said: “In the course of its existence of over 50 years, KCS has implemented nearly 5,000 charity projects to the benefit of all Kenyans. By making our reputable brand more accessible to a younger generation of Kenyans via technological innovation and a refreshed brand, we are laying the basis for another 50 years of charity, in which every Kenyan can be a stakeholder.”

‘Gold Standard’

Tenlot Group, which specialises in the African and Latin American markets, is a fast-growing gaming operator and stands out for its emphasis on charity operations. KCS is the “gold standard” in lottery operations, according to Tenlot CEO Yossi Abadi.

“The raison d’être of KCS is to implement charity projects,” he added. “By investing in KCS we enable more Kenyans to become part of the company’s charity mission. We strongly believe in the long-term viability and equitability of this model, which furthermore is our model for our existing and future operations across the globe.”