KamaGames Unveil Knockout Tournaments For Social Casino

As the operator makes the latest addition to its flagship Pokerist app, KamaGames is promising something “never before seen in the social casino space.”

The business has announced the forthcoming launch of its latest Knockout Tournaments, which will officially debut on Tuesday, October 27, as the group aims to deliver on a previous commitment to become the social casino room king.

Coinciding with the debut, KamaGames again recruited the involvement of Tony Ferguson from UFC as the face of the tournaments, building on a similar Pokerist, Blackjackist, and Roulettist advertisement deal that was inked in May.

Players will have the ability to compete in many different variants of the tournaments, such as Sit’n ‘Go, MTT and Progressive MTT tournaments, asserting that it aims to use one of the most common tournament models in online poker.

Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO of KamaGames, commented on the launch of Pokerist: “Knockout Tournaments are just the latest example of KamaGames being the first to successfully bring real-money casino mechanics to the social casino market.

“We did this already with MTTs and social sports betting with great success and we will continue to innovate in this manner. Whilst we’re excited about this launch, we’re equally delighted that Tony Ferguson will once again be bringing his star power to Pokerist.

“KamaGames hope to continue to work with relevant partners such as Tony and craft long-lasting strategic partnerships for the remainder of 2020.”

In Sit’n’Go Knockout and MTT Knockout players will be rewarded for taking a prize-winning place among their competitors, however, any person who removes a rival from the competition will also find themselves gifted with a predetermined special prize.

Players in MTT Progressive Knockout often receive extra incentives to eliminate rivals from the game. In this scenario, the incentive amount depends on the value of the bounty of said competitor. When one player knocks another out of the game, bounties increase in the competition, with the rise measured as a proportion of the bounty of the eliminated opponent.