KamaGames Merch Store Launch Hailed As Significant Milestone

The opening of a first retail store across all of KamaGames’ social casino applications has been hailed as a “significant milestone” for the company.

The launch is seen as “a necessary, and most likely profitable move” by the European social mobile poker operator, whose casino titles have attracted more than 150 million unique players.

Players in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia can now shop for items online or through the KamaGames app.

Offering quality products

Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO of KamaGames, said: “The launch of a merchandise store is a significant milestone and we’re thrilled to offer these quality products to customers who have long awaited them. Like our social casino products. 

“KamaGames has worked hard to ensure our initial core offering is strong. Following that, we aim to build on this foundation by offering further customisation in our product range. 

“Gamers highly value personalisation and as we’ve worked hard to increase that element within our games, it follows that our players would also appreciate it in our branded merchandise.” 

250 unique products

On the main web store, there are already approximately 250 unique products and over 2,500 SKUs (stock-keeping units). For a short period, a lesser number of items are also available on mobile.

T-shirts, caps, and drinkware are among the most popular goods, all of which include artwork from KamaGames’ games. It will also host exclusive items and promotions for worldwide events like St. Patrick’s Day, Pokerist’s birthday, global sporting events, and more.

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