Kalamba Games Release New Brand Bullseye

Digital casino maker Kalamba Games has released their new brand Bullseye, which combines the company’s proprietary online gaming platform and product offers for promotional devices.

The new brand integrates a number of new advertising strategies from Kalamba, which will be made available exclusively to partners that are specifically incorporated with the Bullseye RGS.

The roll-out is set to start in the second half of the year, giving more than 35 Kalamba titles direct access. Additional titles should be introduced “rapidly,” preserving the supplier’s existing release schedule of about one game per month.

The introduction of the Bullseye comes as the Malta-based firm seeks to establish itself as a “next generation supplier” in an ongoing attempt to grow the business further.

Steve Cutler, Kalamba ‘s CEO & co-founder, said: “We’re very excited to bring the Bullseye brand to market as it reflects the team’s hard work in bringing the company further towards maturity and underlines our commitment to supporting our partners’ success.

“Bullseye represents the next stage in the core strategy and vision we established back in 2016. Naturally we look forward to building further on our games portfolio, but making titles interconnected via meta features and layers will ensure we build a market leading slots experience for the ages.”

Last month Andy Sekula, head of gaming at Kalamba, expressed a conviction that you have a decent shot to excel in a content-flooded market with gameplay and math originality.

“The theme and visuals of a slot game are what draws a player in, but it’s the mechanics that keeps them returning time and again,” he said.

“Innovations introduced in the last few years such as the Megaways engine have demonstrated how transformational a new feature can be for the whole gaming community – particularly in an age of content overload where players are faced with myriad choice of games that barely differentiate.

“For developers striving for originality, the race is now on between suppliers, both large and small, to create the next big feature that defines a new era. But that doesn’t mean trying to reinvent the wheel every time.

“Innovation in slot mechanics is a balancing act: introducing something that is too foreign can be off-putting to players, while leaning too heavily on proven successes means you fail at delivering something new.”