Kalamba Games Launch Sadie Swift: Guns ‘n Glyphs

Kalamba Games, a well-known provider of casino titles, has delivered Sadie Swift: Guns ‘n Glyphs, following a partnership with CasinoTest24 Twitch streamer.

The new title comes after Kalamba and Wildz Casino organised the initial Twitch streaming competition earlier this year. In the first place, CasinoTest24 emerged and took the key role in developing the game.

Players will have an opportunity to track Sadie Smith in Sadie Swift: Guns ‘n Glyphs as she goes around two slot settings while searching for hidden gems and enormous winnings.

An Egyptian and a Wild West theme are both fused in the brand-new game, featuring excellent features such as Win Multipliers and Bonuses, as well as two mechanics for casino spins.

It is also necessary to have the HyperBonus in the 5×3 slot, enabling players to shortcut bonus rounds. Moreover, HyperBet allows users to configure the volatility level. The ORYX Gaming platform was introduced by Guns’n Glyphs.

Kalamba Games is a cutting-edge supplier of B2B casino games, incorporating imaginative games and promotional resources to bring the best goods to the market. It has its headquarters in Malta, with an office in Krakow.

Alex Cohen, COO and co-founder of Kalamba Games, commenting on the latest update, said: “We were thrilled to announce this industry-first venture earlier this year and are very pleased with the result of our collaboration.

“Working with Casino24 has been enlightening, and by getting a player’s perspective on everything from the theme to the gameplay and mechanics, we have created a slot that is sure to appeal to a broad customer base. Combining our most popular mechanics, HyperBet and HyperBonus, with two player-favourite themes, Sadie Swift: Guns ‘n Glyphs offers two epic adventures in one.”

Hauke from CasinoTest24 noted: “The selection of slots available nowadays is so big that it’s hard to stay competitive, and you need something really good to keep the players playing. Sadie Swift: Guns ‘n Glyphs is certainly not a clone and definitely brings something fresh for players.”