Jorryt van Hoof Takes Down SCOOP Event #2

Dutch player Jorryt van Hoof is in good form. Having participated in the recent 2020 Poker Masters Online Series, cashing an impressive 10 times into the high roller series, van Hoof has again won large, taking down the Spring Online Poker Championship (SCOOP) event # 2 overnight for a huge $176,104.

Jorryt van Hoof was the crowd favourite back in 2014 as the WSOP Main Event came to a close, only for the famous Holland player to bow out in 3rd place, losing out on the heads-up to win the title.

Being so close to the biggest title in the poker world, some players may have fallen back into the darkness from the spotlights that shine so brightly in the ‘Thunderdome’ when the final nine players come together to compete for the World Champion title.

In reality van Hoof did the reverse. Over the years that followed, he’s always played a lot of intensity and still enjoys the game a lot. In an age where his reputation’s live players could easily feel some frustration about being forced to play online, but if anything, this quarantine and lockdown time has shown us which players have the mental strength to stay calm and keep moving. The class specifically includes van Hoof.

After taking the tournament down Hoof said: “I feel so lucky as a poker player being able to stay at home and have a lot of fun playing these tournaments. I wish everyone who is in a tougher situation all the best.”

The event cost $2,100 to compete and it has been a real challenge for van Hoof to win his first ever SCOOP title with a field of 575 total entries. With such a high roller entry fee a lot of big names made the final nine. The combined $1.15 million bonus pool saw each player win a little more by way of the prize pool than bounties, except for van Hoof. In total, van Hoof’s win for finishing 1st was broken down into $88,834, and a $87,721 monster in bounties.

The nine players at the final table saw two of the biggest players busting first, as British player Jareth East (9th for $14,297) and Markku Koplimaa (8th for $24,262) both struggled to go deep when it came to the tournament’s last table.

After Russian teams Brazil, the U.K. And Peru was all busting, it was the last two in all the Netherlands as ‘0m3rta’ took on van Hoof for an outright victory. Although the two men were chopping the top two prizes (van Hoof taking one dollar more), there was a huge $78,526 gap between the pair’s bounties earned after van Hoof outlasted ‘0m3rta’ and won his first SCOOP title.

SCOOP 2020 $2,100-Entry Event #2 final table results:

Place Player Country Prizepool Bounties Winnings
1st Jorryt van Hoof Netherlands $88,384 $87,721 $176,104
2nd ‘0m3rta’ Netherlands $88,383 $9,195 $97,579
3rd ‘Play4livin’ Peru $55,810 $13,965 $69,775
4th ‘ale kmkz’ Brazil $41,384 $29,686 $71,070
5th ‘Cottonbud07’ United Kingdom $30,687 $16,871 $47,558
6th ‘VzB_Poker’ Brazil $22,755 $9,891 $32,646
7th ‘danechka1991’ Russia $16,873 $1,500 $18,373
8th Markku Koplimaa Estonia $12,512 $11,750 $24,262
9th Jareth East United Kingdom $9,797 $4,500 $14,297


With plenty of SCOOP titles up for grabs through the $85m-guaranteed tournament run, plenty of major names in poker are expected to hoover up some of the gongs and glory along the way.