Jelly Studio Joins Yggdrasil YG Masters

With the addition of a new brand to the YG Masters programme, Yggdrasil Gaming continues to improve its market position. Jelly Studio will join the scheme, which already includes some of the sector’s most known operators, according to the latest decision.

Jelly is a creative casino studio for the iGaming industry, focused on mobile solutions. The brand has entered the popular programme YG Masters and will benefit from the solution GATI.

A cutting-edge campaign created by Yggdrasil Gaming is the YG Masters programme. The software is designed to allow individual studios to create content with the inclusion of unique design and performance according to their standards. Furthermore, YG Masters manages the distribution process for gaming operators who have the ability to benefit from tailor-made advertising tools, innovative technological solutions and the specialised experience of YG.

Jelly Studio will gain access to GATI technology with the inclusion of the official programme, which helps manufacturers to build standardised and preconfigured goods and sell them to the market. It also speeds up the process of overall development.

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Partner Programs at Yggdrasil, sharing his view of the new partner, said: “Our YG Masters program powered by GATI has been a great success, with our partners’ content being received extremely well all over the world.

“The addition of Jelly, with their mobile-first content, is something we are very excited about and we are looking forward to working closely with them to help them realise their business goals.”

Victoria Newbolt, Marketing Lead at Jelly, noted: “Yggdrasil is selective about the game developers they work with, so being invited to join the YG Masters programme is a testament to the up-and-coming talent within our business.“We are delighted to sign with Yggdrasil as we share a common vision to raising the bar in terms of quality, variety, and entertainment in mobile gaming. We look forward to a great working relationship, and to access their unique standardized GATI technology for accessing global markets.”

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