Jdigital Accepts Andrea Vota’s Appointment As Director General

After an Extraordinary Assembly, the Spanish trade association Jdigital accepted Andrea Vota ‘s appointment as the new Director General.

Vota, who has received unanimous support for the position, is a consultant specialising in the management of political actors and corporate communication. He has worked previously for the multinational public relations company Political Intelligence and as head of public affairs for the specialist IT service provider CIRC in Germany.

“I am very grateful to Jdigital for their confidence and I am very happy to be able to bring my knowledge and experience to the association at such a sensitive time for the sector,” said Vota.

“The online gaming industry faces significant challenges for its survival, and that is why we at Jdigital will be fighting with all the resources available to improve any senseless decision that could harm a safe and fully regulated industry. avoiding the further destruction of jobs at a time of economic crisis like the one we live in.”

Vota will support Mikel López de Torre, Jigital President, representing the Spanish online gambling industry in a changing regulatory environment.

Spain’s PSOE-Podemos coalition government ‘s 2019 mandate, saw the dramatic reform of Spain’s federal gambling advertisement rules, introducing extreme marketing limits across all media outlets.

Jdigital accepted an appeal to the European Commission this week alleging that the government had infringed European business rules, amending its Royal Decree on Ads without officially telling approved incumbents of any changes.

Vota concluded: “We have a fundamental challenge that is to protect the reputation of a self-regulated sector, which thanks to new technologies offers guarantees to users, consumers and, above all, to the vulnerable population.”