Jack In a Pot Slot

Jack in a Pot slot invites you to enjoy the luck of the Irish. The titular character of the game, Jack the Leprechaun, sits in a golden pot and assists players in his Irish fantasy. 

The red-bearded leprechaun will more than gladly hop out of his cauldron to gift players with multiple bonus features, reel modifiers, and other tricks that are able to give the player up to 1,743 times their initial stake.

This Jack in a Pot slots review will talk about how to play the game, its bonus features, wild symbols, payout amount, and technical statistics.

About Jack in a Pot Slot Game

Jack in a Pot slots is a 7×7 grid reel video slot game. It is based on an Irish theme with detailed graphics to back it up. The background detailing is filled with vibrant green scenery reminiscent of the Irish countryside. 

The lucky Leprechaun, Jack, sits in a golden cauldron beneath the reel. His cheeky face and small stature bring lightheartedness and humor to the animation. These themes are backed by the quirky and lilting Irish folk soundtrack playing over the game.

This online slot includes fun special features such as four different wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, symbol swaps, bonus games, and many more. 

How to Play Jack in a Pot Slots Online

Online slot machines from Red Tiger are user-friendly and easy to play, for example, the popular slot game Money Machine is similar. Jack in a Pot slot is no exception to easy gameplay. To get started with playing this game, follow these simple steps:

  • Jack sits in his corner of the screen, ready to assist the player by gifting of bonuses or explaining the rules of the game.
  • In the bottom left corner of the screen, players are able to make their initial stake. This can be adjusted with the plus and minus symbols.
  • Beside the stake bar is the autospin function. Players can set the game to autospin mode in order to make all seven reels spin automatically.
  • There is also a yellow spin button beside the cauldron which allows the player to make their own spins.
  • The turbo button is also beside the spin button.
  • The game works in cluster pays so in order to win, a player has to make a cluster of at least five identical symbols in a single spin.
  • After a win is made, the cluster vanishes and a new set of random symbols cascade down to replace them.
  • Each symbol has a payout amount that is explained at the paytable.
  • Wilds, free spins, and other bonus features will be discussed further.

Jack in a Pot is an online slot and a mobile slot. This means it can be played anywhere on any mobile device. These include laptops, desktops computers, mobile phones, and tablets. 

Interactive Features

This game comes packed with a lot of interactive features. The features you will come across include.

Wild Symbols– Jack in a Pot slots has four wild symbols. These include the beer wild, the pipe wild, the rainbow wild, and the hat wild. Each of these wilds have different functions that Jack performs.

  • Magic Pipe– The pipe wild triggers this symbol modifier. Jack comes out of his cauldron to blow his pipe which transforms high-value symbols into blocks that could be 2×2, 3×3, or even 4×4.
  • Beer Reels– This is activated by the beer glass wild. This wild produce beer taps above five reels. Jack pops out of his pot to open one of these taps. The beer pours out and transforms all the symbols under the tap into a common symbol.
  • Hat Trick– This symbol modifier is activated by the hat wild. The leprechaun tosses his hat to the air and vacuums up low-value symbols. This leaves room for higher-paying clusters to form where the low-paying symbols used t be.
  • Rainbow Swaps– This is activated by the rainbow wilds. A giant rainbow encompasses the entire reel grid and changes some symbols to common symbols. 

Symbols– Besides the four wild symbols, the game also has a variety of high-paying and low-paying symbols. The regular paying symbols pay between 15 and 35 times the initial stake. They include full card suits of clubs, diamonds and hearts, and a blue circle. The high-value symbols include the green bow tie, the horseshoe, the boot filled with gold coins, and the four-leaved clover. 

What Symbol Triggers Jack in a Pot Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The free spins scatter symbol is denoted by a four-leaved clover. If a player manages to collect four of these scatters, it fills up a huge four-leaved clover mega symbol to the side of the screen. This then activates the free spins feature which allows the player to make 10 free spins. Every bonus spin features the wild symbols that accumulated while the player was collecting the free spin scatters. 

Paylines and Stakes

The minimum stake that players are allowed to make is 0.20 credits and the maximum is 40 credits. Also, The online casino slot works in cluster pays. This, there is no fixed number of paylines. 

Jack in a Pot Slot Game Software

Jack in a Pot slots is powered and manufactured by Red Tiger Gaming. Red Tiger was manufactured in 2014 and is popularly known for making fantastic theme slots, like Mystery Reels. The Red Tiger team is reportedly made up of a highly varied crew of working professionals that are all passionate about delivering the best casino slots. The themes of slots produced by Red Tiger gaming range from mafia themes to ancient China and even classic slot game themes. 

Red Tiger Gaming has won multiple awards for game designs, game development, and game distribution.

What is Jack in a Pot Slots RTP? 

The RTP for Jack in a Pot slots is 96.06%. RTP stands for Return to Player percentage and this is a gauge for players to know how likely they are to win a return per spin. Jack in a Pot has a slightly lower than average RTP compared to other games. This means that, compared to other games, Jack in a Pot has a slightly lower rate of player returns.

Slot Volatility

Jack in a Pot slots has medium volatility. This is somewhat uncommon among slot games as most have either high or low volatility. The volatility of a slot game describes whether the wins that a player gets will be big or small and the ease with which they may attain those wins.

Low volatility means that the player has a higher chance of winning in the base game, but the jackpot prices are lower. A game with high volatility is the opposite with a lower chance of winning but bigger and better jackpots.

Jack in a Pot slots falls into the medium category due to its payout system of cluster pays.


Jack in a Pot slots has a fun and interesting theme, easy-to-follow gameplay, and good cash prices. Like many other Irish slots, its graphics involve depictions of greenery, golden coins, and other Irish symbols. The game includes stunning animations with a very well-designed main character. It is a fun game, and the unique game feature is the different ways that reels can be modified with wild symbols. There are special symbols that serve as pots of gold for players to unlock various types of bonuses on the slot machine.

Jack in a Pot does not include any multipliers and has an unusually low RTP of 96.06%. The lack of a multiplier is unfavourable,  but the game benefits from cluster pays. It is not a very volatile game and that works to its benefit.

The game features four different types of wild symbols that serve as symbol modifiers. These offer significant increases in payout prices and offer multiples of the initial stake of the players. The wild symbols are able to change low-paying symbols to higher-paying symbols. The game also features a bonus free spins symbol and this is unique because it allows players to accumulate wild symbols and apply them all at once. Jack in a Pot is highly recommended and fun to play.