Italian Betting Shops Refusing To Pay Tax Duties Will Be Closed Down

Marcello Minenna, the newly appointed Director-General of Italy’s Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM), said the Italian betting shops are refusing to pay local authorities tax duties as they struggle because of the impacts of COVID-19. Those shops will be subject to forced closures in the coming months.

ADM said it would not allow the operators to recover. Marcello Minenna has started talks with the Financial Police Unit (GDF), detailing the process in the coming months following the closure of the non-compliant betting shops.

The European Court of Justice considers, “betting duty is not discriminatory and must be imposed to all operators [within] the Italian territory, without any distinction based on the registered office.”

The Corte di Cassazione, Italy’s supreme court, is scheduled to pass judgement on 200 outstanding gambling tax convictions by the end of summer.

Minenna focuses on following the strict approach of the agency towards unpaid taxes, as it seeks to raise a projected amount of €120million from 2018. Currently the ADM is awaiting the decision of the Italian Supreme Court on 200 outstanding tax convictions for gambling.