IOC Reiterates Determination To Protect Sports Integrity

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Governance has affirmed its determination to safeguard the dignity of sports across all levels of competition as a central commitment.

The IOC says it will continue to expand its strategic structures, which in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) in 2019 saw the release of the global campaign it is United Against Corruption.

Noting the challenges of combating global sport bribery, the IOC stresses the need for greater collaboration between sports, police and regulatory stakeholders in order to maximise ongoing initiatives for integrity.

Highlighting collaboration as a key factor, the IOC highlights the progress of its 2017 initiative’ International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport’ (IPACS).

IPACS multi-stakeholder forum has been successful in bringing together international sport associations, states, intergovernmental organisations and other stakeholders, building working structures to eliminate corruption and further promoting a culture of good governance and best practises in sport.

In addition, IPACS progress has seen the establishment of dedicated expert task forces working on a number of common integrity issues ranging from sport management, athlete risk reduction, and sport infrastructure improvement to ensure integrity.

To preparation for a crucial 2020, the IOC launched its’ Believe in Sports ‘ campaign to raise awareness among athletes and sport officials about sport abuse.

Hosting its’ International Forum on Sports Integrity ‘ (IFSI) last October, which was attended by 100 different sports stakeholders, IOC Governance released its ‘Code of Conduct’ in Tokyo 2020. This requires participating athletes, officials and national federations to comply with the rules setting out their’ Tokyo 2020 Betting Code.’