Inverness Man Wins €30,000 Winning FFWC

A man from Inverness has transformed €2 into €30,000 by winning the thrilling third Fantasy Football World Championships on Salah being subjected 30 seconds before the final whistle.

The winner was selected by the smallest margin, with three players all finishing on 146 points! The tiebreaker was the lowest budget expended in the final round, resulting in’ fscottl’ being pushed to the top. However, if Salah hadn’t been subjected to 30 seconds before the end, the user ‘ gaffel’ would have won everything! It was a dramatic win for’ fscottl,’ a relatively new name on the Fanteam, who qualified for the final with a satellite of €2!

The World Championship is an annual dual-game week event played in daily fantasy form for the English Premier League over two different game weeks. The event runs on the biggest Daily Fantasy website in Europe; There were 116 participants this year, who either applied by satellite or paid the € 1,050 entrance fee. A fixed prize pool of € 100,000 rose to € 116,000 while it was € 30,000 for the first draw.

The user ‘fscottl’ took the lead with 88 points after the first round last weekend, wonderfully helped by De Bruyne (13 points), Manè (10 points) and Martial (9 points) (attached team). Nonetheless, there were only 11 points separating 20th from the leader, and before the last round that began on New Year’s Day, the championship was wide open.

Nevertheless, as the bulk of matches in the second round came to a conclusion,’ fscottl’ was passed by several competitors. With only Liverpool–the only remaining fixture being Sheffield United,’ fscottl’ found himself in 7th place. He still had a chance, as many of the entries above him used all of their 11 players, while there were two unused players in’ fscottl’: Alexander-Arnold and Manè. When Manè scored a goal and Alexander Arnold kept a clean sheet, with the narrowest margins,’ fscottl’ took first place.

But for’ fscottl’ there was a big obstacle ahead; with midfielders and attackers FanTeam’s fantasy scoring system get an extra point for playing the full match, and with only minutes left of the match,’ gaffel’ still had Salah on the pitch and as captain. It meant that’ gaffel’ would win the WCOFF and push’ fscottl’ to a 2nd position and instead a € 20,000 bonus if Salah played the full match!

With only 40 seconds left in overtime, the referee blew his whistle, signalled a substitution, and cameras switched from Henderson to Salah, the cheers in Inverness must have been very obvious. Salah walked away as the last Liverpool substitute to send his first Premier League seconds to young Harvey Elliott, while at the same time earning € 10,000 extra for’ fscottl’ and the coveted WCOFF trophy.