INTRALOT Win Awards At HR Awards Ceremony 2020

At the HR Awards 2020 ceremony held on 14 October, INTRALOT declared two prestigious distinctions in the categories ‘Learning & Development’ and ‘Covid-19 Response Actions’ as recognition for its programmes and practises in human resources.

In the “Learning & Development: Best Team Building Program” category, the Human Resources team of INTRALOT won the Gold Award for the design and execution of the Hackathon project, aimed at getting its people from around the world together. Employees engaged in brainstorming discussions throughout the internal Hackathon competition, worked together to produce new ideas, had fun, and shared an unforgettable experience, enhancing the collaboration culture of INTRALOT.

In the latest “Covid-19 Response Actions: Most Valuable HR Team” group, INTRALOT HR Department also won a Silver Award for its immediate response and strategy since the beginning of the pandemic. The primary objective was the security of the health of our workers and the timely implementation of all steps to combat the pandemic, ensuring continuity of business at the company level.

Dr. Chris Dimitriadis, INTRALOT Group CEO said: “INTRALOT’s human capital is the most valuable asset of the Company. We are proud of our employees and the culture they have established in our Company.

“For this reason, the Company’s first priority was the protection of our employees even before the spread of Covid-19 reached the levels of a pandemic. INTRALOT Hackathon competitions were introduced approximately nine years ago, gradually evolving to their present form. These competitions are very important as they aim to increase the levels of innovation in the day-to-day conduct of the employees.

“I would like to congratulate our HR Department for adopting world-class practices and thank all of our employees for their creativity and commitment to INTRALOT.”

Mr. Eddy Gerekos, HR Director of the INTRALOT Group added: “The Hackathon initiative created a valuable legacy for our Company, providing us with innovative state-of-the-art technology, while enhancing the team spirit and strengthening the bonds of INTRALOT’s global family.

“Moreover, towards Covid-19 response actions, our primary goal was to establish a direct and continuous communication with our people by implementing a program focused on online training, connection and communication, and their well- being.”

The HR Awards are organised by the HR Professional magazine and Boussias Communications for the sixth consecutive year, with the goal of recognising the best initiatives and practises in the human resources sector in our country.