INTRALOT lauds Montana Lottery on “Sports Bet Montana” launch

Gaming technology provider and operator INTRALOT have been working on the launch of sports betting since May 2019, and have congratulated the Montana Lottery after its successful launch of Sports Bet Montana.

Byron Boothe, interim CEO of INTRALOT US, stated: “It’s an exciting time for the Montana Lottery. With the introduction of legalised sports wagering under the Lottery, INTRALOT will leverage its world-class resources and technology to provide the best-possible sports betting experience for Montanans.

“Most importantly, we are excited to provide the Montana Lottery with a complete solution to maximise sports wagering revenues and return to the state’s general fund and to the school scholarship fund for science and technology learning”.

Following the passage of the bill that introduced sports wagering to Montana, in late 2019, the Montana Lottery began accepting applications for locations to receive licences as it started to work on setting the regulatory structure and rules for games to ensure fair play in accordance with competitive content.

The collaboration has seen the supplier deploy its INTRALOT Orion sports betting network in Montana to promote the operation of the Lottery’s self-service sports wagering terminals and mobile sports wagering offer.

Montana Lottery Director Angela Wong commented: The Montana Lottery, together with our partner INTRALOT, worked hard to build a sports betting product Montanans would support. Our lottery supports our state and helps our retailers build successful businesses, all while giving Montanans winning experiences. We’re excited to see Sports Bet Montana take off.”

In addition, INTRALOT also provides the Montana Lottery a full suite of services including Managed Trading and Marketing Services (MTMS) and Customer Support (CS).

INTRALOT Group CEO Dr Chris Dimitriadis concluded: “INTRALOT has technology innovation at the centre of its strategy and is powered by a portfolio of next- generation solutions designed to deliver unparalleled and engaging player experiences while driving operational efficiencies for our lottery and gaming customers.

“I am looking forward to the successful operation of the new sports betting solution in Montana that will help the Lottery attract a new demographic of players and maximise sales growth.”