Internet Vikings Secure Maltese Datacentre

Malta has become the newest ‘point of presence’ in Internet Vikings’ rapidly expanding global network of data centres, bolstering its role as a leader in cloud storage for the iGaming industry.

Internet Vikings will now offer services to Maltese-licensed businesses through the new virtualisation network, which is the company’s first physical setup in Malta, following its previous launch in Singapore.

Although remote gaming operators which have their gaming equipment and servers placed anywhere in the EU/EEA, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) requires that a forensic live copy of the players’ database, financial transactions database, and gaming transactions log database be kept in Malta.

To put it another way, licensees must create a node in Malta for the purpose of replicating important regulatory data in order to obtain Maltese registration. Furthermore, an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate must be used to verify the information security standard.

Compliant with MGA legislation

Internet Vikings is now completely compliant with the MGA legislation, and can sell their services to Maltese-registered operators, due to their ISO 27001 certification and the introduction of a new hosting place for virtual servers.

Internet Vikings CTO Victor Jerlin said: “Now, with Internet Vikings having deployed its infrastructure in Malta, which is a strategic place for online gaming companies, we cement our position as a leading provider of hosting and related services for the iGaming industry.”

Internet Vikings CEO Peter Ekmark, added: “The addition of a new datacentre in Malta expands Internet Vikings’ capacity to offer premium hosting services. The iGaming industry has specific customer and regulatory requirements and demands a bespoke service that we are dedicated to providing.”