Infiniti Tables Jackpot Arena Launched By DRGT At ICE London

Prior to ICE 2020, DR Gaming Technology (DRGT) stressed the ever-increasing value of player experience and the key role that it will continue to play in ensuring the longevity of casinos, and more importantly their development.

The company’s tremendous success and global expansion has been driven by the strategic development of three core product products over the past decade and a half, driven by its’ Player First’ strategy slogan.

One of them is its reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective casino management (and player engagement and marketing) framework, with its proprietary SMIB technology enabling casino operators to function without a permanent server connexion while ensuring complete replication of game play data across all gaming devices (slots and tables) on a casino floor.

The other two offerings are its world-class range of local and wide-area jackpot slots configurations; and more recently, they are jackpot games for tables.

This development continued last week at ICE London when DRGT unveiled its all-new Infiniti Tables Jackpot Arena, an all-in – one tables jackpot pit built to provide top slot-like jackpot action for tables matches. The plug-and-play modular design of the Infiniti Tables Arena is also designed with a circular footprint to achieve optimal use of casino floor space.

DRGT Africa MD, Charl Geyser said: “When designing the arena, we spent a lot of time researching ergonomics, and chatting to both operators and players to understand how best to leverage our systems and jackpot technology in a product that excites both parties; and I think we’ve managed to do that.”

“The arena comes standard with either a free-standing overhead LED jackpot sign, or if space and structures permit, a 3m diameter overhead LED jackpot sign – installed this product is amazing, believe me!”

Fully integrated to give stand-alone, wide-area jackpots through various types of games, there’s a blackjack option of 5 tables, or a 3 blackjack and 2 roulette table choices, the Infiniti Tables Arena “will without a doubt provide players with an experience second to none, and operators with a tool to deliver that experience,” says the company.

Earlier this year, DRGT cited a survey by PwC on consumer experience where, apart from the likes of productivity and ease, competent and polite staff was the third-highest ranked thing people appreciated most in terms of their consumer experience. Table games bring the potential to casino operators and DRGT’s Infiniti Tables Arena may well be the perfect place to deliver it.