Indian Man Loses His Wife To Betting Debt

According to a Gulf News report, on November 11, a Banka man in Bihar, India, Binod Kumar Shah was gambling and ended up losing more than he could afford. To rectify the situation he allegedly offered his wife, Chanda Devi, to another man to pay off the debt.

After arriving home the during the early hours, he woke his wife and instructed her to go with the winning player. “[Shah] told me the winner would arrive at home the next morning and so you should get ready to go with him since I have lost you in the game,” Devi reportedly told the police.

The tale seems amusingly unconventional until you hear that the following morning, Shah allegedly attacked Devi when she declined to go with the winner. She then went to report the whole thing to the police.

“We have registered the case and have begun investigation,” said senior police official Kumar Sunny. They hoped for some more evidence from the wife, but she failed to return to the police station. “We were informed the woman has left for her parent’s home,” Sunny continued.

This is not even the first event in Bihar’s state of unusual gambling losses. Gulf news reported on another case involving a woman losing two days to another man. And a man lost his three-year-old son last year.

If Shah turns out to be prosecuted as you would expect him to be for losing his wife, he might want to look at these previous cases to see what he’s in store for. The man who lost his son was forced to do 50 sit-ups; whilst it’s unlikely officials were seriously expecting the winning gambler to want a three-year-old boy to be held.

But as Shah reportedly also beat his wife, this should increase the punishment he faces and create harder questions for Bihar’s state, such as why they don’t create safe gambling spaces where people stop losing members of their family due to gambling debts.