Imperial Pacific Ordered To Pay Pacific Rim Millions

In the latest of a long, continuously growing list of controversies concerning the organisational legitimacy and ethics of Imperial Pacific International (IPI), it will now have to bust out the wallet again to make good on an outstanding debt. The Northern Mariana Islands District Court has ordered the company to pay $5.6 million dollar to former contract, Pacific Rim Land Development LLC.

Pacific Rim has been actively involved in developing the IPI’s Imperial Palace Casino in Saipan, a project that has been the subject of numerous investigations and litigation over the last few years. The company submitted its service bill to IPI but the latter baulked and declined to pay it.  With retrospect, considering the past of IPI, Pacific Rim ought to have seen it arrive – the contractor does not have the best track record when it comes to responsible working.

Left with no option, Pacific Rim went to court following the IPI. It sued for recovering the funds lost and IPI sought to have the suit dismissed, true to form. It argued, “Pacific Rim fraudulently obtained a promissory note from IPI, which is therefore unenforceable,” and asked the judge to throw the case out.