Immortal Glory Slot

Immortal Glory Slot is a game that allows modern Europe to appreciate the work done by the Ancient Civilization. One of the highly celebrated activities then, and still is today, is the Olympics Games. The Microgaming software creates the game.

The slot takes an Olympic theme and takes you to a beautiful old stadium set up for an Olympic games event. You will listen to dramatic music in the stadium together with shouts from the cheering squads. The planning of the game is such that the loser goes home, but there are good returns for those winning. These returns are based on symbols that you will interact with.

This slot review helps you learn and understand the game’s rules, symbols, payouts, RTP and volatility. It will also help you to understand the other winning combinations such as free spins and bonus games.

About Immortal Glory Slot Game

Immortal Glory is a name given to the game in remembrance of the Ancient Greek Civilization that birthed the Olympic games. The game is the brainchild of Microgaming software.

The game takes up a thrilling theme of the Olympic games. The game presents modern graphics of symbols, features, and characters that make it captivating and competitive in a ‘real’ Olympics stadium for lovers of these games. Therefore, Immortal Glory Slot taps into the game’s competitive nature. The participants compete to win a jackpot of a significant amount ultimately.

As indicated earlier, Microgaming software created the game to take you back to Ancient Greece, where the Olympics started. To capture the theme properly, premium symbols of athletes (short putters, runners, and disc throwers) are indicated for you.

Other secondary symbols include a short put, a disc, a wreath, and a pair of sandals. You will also interact with symbols such as the Wild Olympic Torch and the scatter.

The creators have also added dramatic music together with cheers to help sink the theme for you. The feature also allows the players to cheer, but if not, they can golf clap.

Notably, all online games fall under certain categories of themes. Some of the important themes the games can fall into include the following:

  • Super Hero
  • Fantasy
  • Cartoon
  • Movies
  • Horror 
  • Traditional

Immortal Glory also perfectly displays both the traditional and movie theme setups.

As you start playing this game, note that it provides you with five reels and four rows together with 40 lines. These lines can pay you as much as 2000 times your stake if played on their own. If assisted by its important feature, it can pay you up to 10,000 times your stake.

Concerning the range of your take, you can bet between a minimum of £0.10 to a maximum of £25. You have an advantage because the game has high volatility with an RTP of 96.19%. also, Immortal Glory has a hit rate of 21.6%

How to Play Immortal Glory Slots Online

Immortal Glory Slot provides you with an exciting play journey. It is easy to play and breath-taking, especially when you bet actual money. However, be advised to always start with a free online demo game on the sites to learn the rules and features to use. By so doing, you sharpen your skills and learn to make winning combinations.

While playing the game, you will see the following buttons on the screen, which you must play. They include the menu, the autoplay, and the Spin. 

It is effortless to play the game; follow the steps outlined here for you:

1. Click the menu button immediately after the game loads. This allows you to review the prizes of the payables and associated bonuses. 

2. Adjust the wager to fit your stake 

3. Review your autoplay settings and options if you should desire to use the option of a quick spin

 4. Finally, press the Spin button to enjoy the game.

As you play, you need to identify at least five winning symbols, each of which has a specific winning sum if you should win. Pick on the combinations that will give you the highest win options.

You can play this game on desktop, tablet and any mobile device provided it is powered by iOS or Android.

Interactive Features

Online slot game providers will always develop highly interactive features to have gamblers glued to the game and keep yearning for more wins. Microgaming, in this regard, has provided Immortal Glory Slot games with such features as those discussed here below.

Progressive jackpots

Many gamblers would prefer to play games with progressive jackpots. However, this is not always the case for all online slot games. The good news is that the Immortal Glory Slot game has this feature.

As discussed above, the game is competitive, and players aim to win the jackpot that has a significant amount.

The game has three jackpots at the top of the reels categorized either as bronze (20 times), silver (100 times), and gold going up to 10,000 times your stake amount.

The three jackpots are available on reels 1, 3, and 5, respectively, where a trigger to these reels can make you go away with the maximum gold jackpot. The golden jackpot is the highest possible payment you can win in this game.

Apart from the jackpot, other features with amazing rewards include free spins, usually unlocked by the wild stacks. The system awards you at least five free spins if the wild stack appears on any reels.

Moreover, wild stacks will become nudging spins during the free spins and later unlock the Glory spin. Winnings happening on the Glory spins have a random multiplier of 2, 3, 5, and 10 times applied to them.

Bonus games 

Playing the Immortal Glory Slot game provides you with many bonus features, which become bonus games that will help you maximize the wins. You may wonder what could have become of the Olympic games without massive celebrations and cheering. You will have these features but depend on the amount of applause you give. Some of these bonus features include jackpots, free spins, and wilds. 

The wild torch is the wild feature in this context. The feature appears in two varied stacks. Whenever they appear, they will replace any other standard symbol except the jackpot symbols. The replacement is to your benefit as it increases your chances of winning.

Wild stacks will unlock free spins whenever they partially or fully appear on the first reel and any other reel. The stacks will become nudged during free spins and later trigger the unlocking of Glory spins that have up to 2, 3, 5, and 10 times your stake. To better your win be keen to notice the stacks.

Potential Jackpots appear in three categories, bronze 20x, 100x for silver, and gold of 10,000x, and it is the highest win you can ever win. Always be on the watch out and be sure to win the game jackpots.

Understanding that any single win might be associated with a multiplication factor should motivate you to play more and win much more.

Game Symbols

The symbols were used to lure you to the spectacular old stadium set for the Olympics in the Immortal Glory Slot game. Both participants and spectators are already set when you are placing your bet.

The symbols in this game include short putters, runners, and disc throwers. These three symbols are the primary symbols, but there are other secondary symbols: a wreath, sandals, a shot put, and a disc.

The following symbols are contained in the Immortal Glory Slot game.

  • Wild symbols
  • Multiplier symbols
  • Stacked symbols
  • Free spins
  • Autoplay and or fast play options

What Symbol Triggers Immortal Glory Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Any gamer is interested in getting maximum results from any bet he places. The immortal Glory video Slot game provides you with three random jackpot symbols. The symbols represent a 20x, 100x, and 10000x multiplier factor for all the stakes you place. 

Additionally, the free (Glory) spins to increase your chances of winning if you pay a lot of attention while playing. Landing a glory spin means your stake receives a multiplier effect of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x.

Paylines and Stakes


Some slot content providers have provided players with the option of choosing paylines that they can comfortably play within the world of games. With this, you can courageously choose high paylines that bring in high returns or low paylines that bring in low returns if you are fearful.

However, the immortal Glory slot game does not provide you with this privilege. It has provided you with 40 paylines fixed for every win you make. Therefore, it totally depends on you to apply wisdom while playing to raise your returns.


The Immortal Glory Slot features allow you to place bets up to a maximum of £25. However, you can also place bets to a minimum of £0.10.  

Immortal Glory Slot Game Software

Microgaming is the software provider that powers the Immortal Gaming Slot sites. The company started in 1994 and has a reputation as a leading company in iGaming. Its headquarters in the Isle of Man.

This slot developers claim top fam is it designed the first mobile games. On the same note, it has grown to be the world’s largest jackpot. For more than 26 years the company has been in existence, it has won many awards, including:

  • The Gaming Intelligence Hot50 in 2019 and 2020
  • Awards of Excellence include The Hooded Ram Brewing Co Award for Company of the Year 2018.
  • Global Gaming Awards 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • CasinoBeats Pride of Gaming Awards 2019.

You can find many more awards on the Microgaming website.

Microgaming company does not only pride in winning prestigious awards but amazing games worldwide. Some of the company’s most famous slot machine games include Hawaiian Dream Xmas Slot, 7 oceans Slot, and 9 Pots of Gold Slot.

Microgaming attaches most of its games with jackpots. The strategy happens to be their most lucrative marketing tool. The jackpot is thus the glue that will keep you stuck in gameplay, placing one bet after another.

Microgaming has had online slots with the largest jackpots ever recorded in the world. Some of these include:

  • The Mega Moolah jackpot in 2013 made the world’s first-ever mobile slot millionaire. 
  • Microgaming’s most popular progressive slot gave a UK player a whooping €17,879,645.12 in 2015. Microgaming got a place in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.
  • The 2015 record was exceeded in 2018 when a player at Grand Mondial Casino won €18,915,872.81

What is Immortal Glory Slots RTP?

According to Microgaming, the Immortal Glory Slot RTP (return to player) is 96.19%. The percentage varies from one online casino to the other. Playing the slot game with this RTP means higher chances for you to win when you play.

More Info

As a matter of fact, RTP is calculated based on many spins made by any player. You should thus be aware that the chances of you winning payouts matching this percentage at a single spin is almost impossible. However, you are guaranteed regular payouts even when you are not lucky.

Slot Volatility

Another important aspect of a video game slot is its volatility (variance). The volatile gameplay determines your winning, either as small or big.

The Volatile slot has three categories. They include:

Low volatility gameplay: Here, you will win frequently but with minor payouts on the bet you placed.

Medium volatility gameplay: This volatility frequents you with wins and an averagely good amount of payouts on the wins made.

High volatility gameplay: This variance presents you rarely with winning options, but the wins are enormous when landed upon.

Immortal Glory Slot Game is among games with high volatility on every reel. This implies few winning chances, but you go home with a lot of money whenever they occur.


Immortal Glory Slot game stands among the best online video slot games by Microgaming software. Since it reflects the Ancient Greek Olympics, the features, music, and graphics are well-designed to make you feel the theme and touch.

The game comprises five reels, four rows, and 40 fixed paylines. The game also has symbols such as wilds, stacked among others. As much as it has a glory spin that maximizes your winning potential, the jackpot chances are the major trigger of bonus games.

The game is accessible to all interested players, and you can play it from anywhere. It is enabled on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets with iOS and Android. You can also play it on computers, MacBooks, desktops, and laptops. 

Lastly, the game is beginner-friendly as you can use the autoplay button to enjoy the game and win cash. It also has several online demo games that you can first play to learn the rules and processes involved before you begin staking your cash.

All factors withstanding, the game is good and is recommended not just to the experts but also the beginners.

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