Imi ‘pleased’ as Sky Racing hits Anniversary Of Broadcasting

In an interview with SBC’s Insider Sport, Matthew Imi, Chief Executive of The Races, confirmed that he is’ very pleased’ with the coverage standard of Sky Racing as it approaches the completion of its first full broadcast year. Beginning on 1 January this year, Sky Racing has taken Sky’s dedicated sports network tally up to 11 and has since broadcast race fixtures from the UK and around the world.

Race coverage and increased participation in the sport have grown at The Races in the months since. This was achieved through introductions such as additional on course screen, presenter attendances at each Sky covered UK fixture and the growth of its broadcasting team to name a few.

Discussing the broadcaster’s first year, Imi stated: “We are very pleased with the level of coverage we’ve managed to achieve with Sky Sports Racing and we will continually look to improve. It’s all about bringing our viewers closer to the action, providing them with genuine insight and delivering coverage that is entertaining as well as informative.

“Early feedback from viewers has been very positive citing the improved insight and access to the on-track action, particularly with regards to allowing more time for our presenters to deliver analysis and reporting.”

In addition to addressing the online and TV scope of Sky Sports Racing, Imi also commented on having to find the balance between’ welcoming and holding on to newcomers’ while also providing the content that long-term audiences demand from racing.

The chief executive said that the digital platform of Sky Sports offers 30 m user outreach every month to race a’ real opportunity’ to broaden its audience while providing insight into Sky’s ambitions for its 2020 coverage of racing.

He concluded: “We’re going to try and develop our sectional timing data product further and are also looking at creating some pre- and post- race analysis tools. We’ll continue to improve our race coverage through positive incremental changes across the next twelve months and are always looking at applying whatever innovations in technology we can.”