IMG Arena Adds Flightscope To Bolster Tech Services

IMG Arena have added FlightScope Services to their tennis and golf data collection, insight, and analysis capabilities.

The FlightScope squad, based in Gliwice, Poland, will be completely integrated into IMG Arena’s sports technology business, which will be greatly expanded with 160 new employees as a result of the transaction.

FlightScope executives Jacek Gronek and Wojtek Szumilas, who have joined IMG Arena leadership as VP Rightsholder Services and Head of Technology, will lead the expanded tech team.

Previous collaborations

Since 2013, IMG Arena and FlightScope have collaborated on a series of sports data campaigns. The two companies previously worked together to create a custom data collection system for the European Tour of golf, which included best-in-class data recording, record keeping, and match monitoring.

IMG Arena’s Managing Director, Freddie Longe, said: “The integration of FlightScope Services technology is a fundamental part of our growth strategy and provides the foundation for the launch of our new Rightsholder Solutions. This new pillar within IMG Arena will see us enhance the services we provide to rightsholders to include automated and manual content creation, content governance and operational excellence.

“The acquisition allows IMG ARENA to enrich our innovation in fan engagement via the development of data and audio-visual content, while creating new content and commercial opportunities for federations and rights holders across our portfolio.”


IMG Arena announced that it will invest dramatically in expanding FlightScope technologies and data collection capabilities to service its broader portfolio of football, soccer, and volleyball, as well as big US sports, in order to secure the contract.

FlightScope’s corporate identity will be retained by company founder Henri Johnson after the completion of the sale, according to IMG Arena. Johnson will be able to use the company brand to produce technical and consumer-related products.

Gronek, IMG Arena’s newly named VP Rightsholder Services, added: “FlightScope Services joining the IMG Arena business is a natural union born out of synergies in the product, customer base and, most importantly, culture and vision. It will enable us to leverage our knowledge, strengths and resources to deliver an enhanced range of best-in-class services and technologies across multiple sports.”