Illinois Waukegan Casino Proposals To Be Heard At Genesee Theater

It has been revealed the Genesee Theatre, Illinois is planned for a government hearing about the proposals from the Waukegan Casino. Six potential developers will present their proposals to the public at Genesee on Wednesday night at 4pm.

Earlier this year, a huge gambling extension bill was signed by Gov. J.B Pritzker enabling six casinos at various places in the state. Waukegan, Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Williamson County, and Cook County are permitted to have the new casinos.

Waukegan collected six proposals and the names of the sides have already been disclosed by the city council. The six Waukegan casino contracting businesses include Rivers Casino Des Plaines, Waukegan Gaming LLC, Waukegan Development Associates LLC, Next Realty LLC, Chesapeake Gaming Group, plus Potawatomi Hotel Casino and Lakeside Casino LLC, both based in Milwaukee.

The members of the public will have an opportunity to give their remarks on the suggestions after listening to the lecture.

In 5 of the six places permitted by the gambling extension bill, potential developers showed interest in a casino project. However, after a survey was performed to determine the same by Union Gaming, the Chicago casino was considered not feasible.

A five-person Gaming Board passed the resolution to that impact previously this week calling for modifications to the tax system. While the Board has not made any specific suggestions as to what improvements it is seeking, it is evident that they want to relax the legislation and tax policies to make a casino project in Chicago viable for investors.