IGT’s Resort Wallet Gains Nevada Approval

A “milestone” achievement has been praised by International Game Technology, with its “Resort Wallet” carded cashless module successfully completing the final stage of Nevada regulatory approval.

Subsequently, the module that forms part of the IGT Advantage casino management system is approved for state-wide implementation, allowing customers of the company to give their casino customers the option of a cashless slot gaming experience that is reduced-contact, smoother, and simpler.

How the Resort Wallet works

The accepted cashless Resort Wallet card module allows players to use a loyalty card to transfer cash from either the casino cash desk or any Resort Wallet-enabled slot machine into a protected digital wallet.

Players can then insert into the slot machine their PIN-protected card, add those funds to their game play, and cash out at any time into their secure digital wallet.

In addition, when printing a ticket for the balance on the slot machine, patrons can also opt to transfer a portion of their funds from the slot machine to their digital wallet.

Ryan Reddy, IGT vice president of VLT, systems and payments products said: “Our Resort Wallet solution ensures that our customers can experience the increased liquidity, player convenience, and enhanced safety that only cashless gaming can deliver.

“This solution will heighten the player experience to new levels while positioning our customers as technology leaders. We’re grateful to the Nevada Gaming Control Board for enabling this momentous debut in the state.”

In addition to slot play, in their Resort Wallet cashless wagering account for table gaming, sports betting, and at retail points of sale, patrons can seamlessly access funds.

Promoting social distancing

By minimising line-ups at the casino cash desk and kiosks, all Resort Wallet modules promote social distancing on the gaming floor, and create greater operational efficiencies by reducing cash handling costs and related safety and security risks. By minimising cash handling, cashless play reduces system maintenance and results in fewer mistakes in cash handling.

In addition, the IGT Advantage system allows the display of responsible gaming information through the service window and NexGen display on the slot machine, as well as through alerts on the cashless wagering mobile app allowed by Resort Wallet.