IGT Takes Advantage Casino Management To Vietnam

International Game Technology has announced that it is replacing a competitor’s offering at the Bao Son International Hotel Versaces Club in Hanoi City, Vietnam with its Advantage casino management system.

The business was hired to run the loyalty programme of the property, track and optimise its casino floor, and perform a number of other critical functions.

In addition, the IGT Advantage Lucky Coin incentive module has also been introduced by Versaces Club, which is intended to boost player loyalty programmes for venues.

Nguyen Truong Son, president of Bao Son Tourism & Construction Investment Group Joint Stock Company said: “Versaces Club selected the IGT Advantage CMS and Lucky Coin bonusing solutions to replace our previous system due to its advanced technology and ability to significantly enhance player engagement.

“This conversion also benefits club employees and patrons by enhancing the property’s efficiency and responsiveness.”

IGT Advantage seeks to push the vision of the operator to extend, as well as to have enhanced player experiences outside the competitiveness of a facility.

The Lucky Coin bonus module from IGT is a pool-based, mystery-style jackpot that can be reached at any moment. It is system-generated, meaning it can hit the jackpot regardless of the outcome of the game.

For the reward number, the operator determines a range and which percentage of coin-in amounts can raise the incentive pool. This bonus may be credited or un-carded, and set or progressive sums may be charged.

Dallas Orchard, IGT chief operating officer of Asia Pacific said: “Our state-of-the-art IGT Advantage system will be an essential driver of Versaces Club’s long-term success. Combined with our flexible Lucky Coin bonus solution, the club has a powerful new tool for increasing player loyalty and overall entertainment.”