IGT Global Services Extends Barbados Lottery Private Management

IGT’s subsidiary IGT Global Services has signed a 10-year extension to its existing agreement to provide the four licence holders and beneficiaries of The Barbados Lottery with its Private Management Lottery services. The amendment extends the current agreement of IGT from 2023 to 2033 and provides a provision for two further five-year periods for renewal.

It will deploy new sales terminals and ticket checkers as part of the company’s continuing operations under the original agreement, and will bring self-service vending machines to the industry. It will also continue to provide peripheral social space games equipment, which are numbers games projected on a computer and played in environments such as bars and restaurants.

Since its establishment in 2005, IGT has run The Barbados Lottery. Through its association with the beneficiaries of Lottery, the Barbados Olympic Association, the Barbados Cricket Association, the Barbados Turf Club, and the National Sports Council, the business has helped these national organisations raise vital revenue to support their projects.

Sandra Osborne, President of the Barbados Olympic Association; Conde Riley, President of the Barbados Cricket Association; Rosette Peirce, CEO of the Barbados Turf Club; and Neil Murrell, Acting Sports Director, said in a joint statement:“Our long-term partnership with IGT has proven to be the major driving force behind our ability to consistently contribute to the development of sports, youth, and cultural programs in Barbados.

“A significant portion of our organisations’ income is derived from IGT-generated revenues, and it is these funds that enable us to deliver vital programs for all Barbadians to enjoy. This extended partnership with IGT is the proven and optimal way in which we can boost our revenues and sustain programs well into the future. We are excited to continue our partnership with IGT for years to come as we continue to focus on our missions and foster the development of our Barbadian talent.”

Declan Harkin, IGT COO International Lottery said:“This amendment to extend our private management lottery services in Barbados demonstrates all four beneficiaries’ confidence in IGT’s expertise in responsibly growing the Lottery.

“We look forward to enhancing this robust program through new and existing solutions that engage players, drive growth, and generate funds for good causes that ultimately benefit all Barbadians.”