IBAS Advises Punters Over Season-Long Football Bets

Betting adjudication services provider IBAS announced that April was their ‘second busiest month ever,’ as punters used their alternative litigation services to make historic wagers.

A busy IBAS outlined that it had received substantial inquiries from punters requesting information on how to settle ‘season-long football bets’ after the sudden postponement of the sports calendar for 2020.

In consideration of unusual challenges as governing bodies, IBAS encourages bookmakers to ‘find the rule or concept already in place that best suits these unprecedented circumstances,’ taking various approaches to completing league proceedings.

As far as settling season bets are concerned, IBAS emphasised that it would not pass judgement on whether leagues or governing bodies have made a just decision.

“What matters to us is whether bets are settled fairly, consistently and sensibly, using pre-existing applicable rules or common sense if no applicable rules existed,” it said in a statement.

IBAS provides the industry’s leading betting adjudication service , providing the following guidance for betting punters who hold season-long bets and may use their services.

  • Punters should review the bookmaker rules which govern the ‘settlement of a bet‘ and the rules that were in place ‘when the bet was struck
  • Should a bookmaker fail to have rules to deal with the specific situation, IBAS will consider whether settlement decisions appear fair in the context of each league’s official decision and other terms the bookmaker holds that might be applicable to solving the dispute
  • Any decisions made about the fairness of bet settlement will concern the company’s overall settlement of markets
  • IBAS does not adjudicate on decisions made by football leagues or governing bodies. Its dispute services don’t judge whether it is ‘right or fair’ to cancel a league or to complete under alternative arrangements – “What matters to us is how each bookmaker has responded to those official decisions”
  • Players must be patient using IBAS services once all compliant processes have been exhausted. IBAS adjudicates on disputes which arose anytime within the previous 12 months.

The IBAS statement added: “Whatever decisions are taken will almost inevitably disappoint some people holding season-long bets involving these leagues. When decisions have been made and are confirmed, we are likely to face a sharp spike in the number of calls and emails when IBAS and most bookmaker customer service departments are dealing with reduced capacity and untypical working arrangements.”