Horseracing Execs Give Industry Green Light For June 1 Restart

Senior British horseracing executives have committed to prepare for resumption after the government gave the sport the green light to return behind closed doors as early as 1 June.

The government said in its document, Our Plan to Rebuild, that it is planning sporting and cultural events to resume behind closed doors as part of the second step to lift the current restrictions.

The date of resumption will be subject to review by public health officials and will also be conditional on the United Kingdom fulfilling the five government criteria for easing lockdown measures. Current restrictions will remain in place until those tests are met.

In a declaration, the Executive Committee of Racing, which comprises the British Horseracing Authority, the Racecourse Association, the Racehorse Owners’ Association and the National Trainers Federation, agreed to publish a timetable for resuming the sport.

The BHA has also focused on plans to restart the sport behind closed doors by implementing social distancing steps and strict infection controls to reduce the risk to participants.

The plans have also involved developing new processes and protocols, which will require major adjustments to ‘normal’ race-day practices.

The Executive Committee emphasised in its statement that it would concentrate its attention on “finalising and agreeing these changes across the industry and supporting everyone to understand and adopt them’ during the remainder of May.