HooYu Rolls Out Video ID For German Gambling Sector

Data checks, ID document validation, video verification, watchlists, and payment card checks are all part of HooYu’s entire KYC solution for the German gambling sector.

This follows the KYC provider’s accreditation by the German age verification regulator, KJM, and the addition of many services to assist gambling companies in complying with AML requirements.

Schufa identity data checks, KJM-approved face biometrics and ID document validation, video verification with a live human agent, PEPs and sanctions watchlist screening, and payment card checks are all part of the integrated solution.

HooYu can arrange this variety of services in order to ensure that gaming operators are fully compliant with age verification and KYC standards in the German market.

Customisable service

The services can be customised to provide distinct journeys for different points of the client lifecycle, including sign-up, high-value deposits, fraud risk, and pay-out.

David Pope, marketing director at HooYu said: “HooYu is a KYC orchestration and customer onboarding platform that not only helps operators to build KYC processes, but also to maximise customer onboarding success rates.

“German operators can now use one HooYu API to call on any or all of these services as part of their age verification, fraud or anti-money laundering controls.”


The Schufa database check allows gaming operators to verify a customer’s name, address, and date of birth, as well as check for fraudsters impersonating deceased persons and uncover related addresses.

The data check can be utilised as a pre-cursor to the KJM-approved HooYu liveness detection, facial biometric, and ID document validation route.

HooYu video-ID is a new service that meets with BaFin’s anti-money laundering criteria, and it’s a live agent video interview procedure designed for online browser or native app trips.

Customers are asked to produce a snapshot of their payment card as part of the group’s card check, which adds security to the pay-out stage. HooYu checks the card number and card holder name against the card that was used to deposit using computer vision technology, without maintaining sensitive card data.

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