HooYu Introduce ‘Card Check’

In an attempt to help companies operating in high-risk sectors sustain their enforcement and AML controls, HooYu has introduced its ‘Card Check’ service, designed to be the latest tool in its KYC and onboarding suite.

KYC feature

This new KYC tech provider launch is marked as a further extension of the customer journey of the group, applied at the point of check-out and withdrawal.

Card Check allows customers to have a pay-out photo of their payment card, with HooYu then verifying the number of the card and the name of the cardholder against the card(s) initially used to deposit, without keeping or sacrificing confidential details.

The extension of the software is structured to show that the withdrawal of funds during payout goes to the actual customer and prevents bad people from taking account of and making off with the winnings of the customer.

Extending biometric and ID authentication capabilities

Card Check sees the organisation extend its biometric and ID authentication capabilities beyond their identification requirements to support consumers.

The group claimed that it established its igaming client needs to provide faster withdrawal verification services when designing the product, thus reducing the use of validation tools for customer service.

Significant quick payouts

HooYu cited a survey that showed that 80 percent of players said that when selecting an online gambling or betting provider, quick payouts are significant, with 55 percent indicating that they were likely to turn to an online gaming service that provided instant withdrawals.

David Pope, HooYu’s marketing director, commented: “Our clients asked us if we could extend the HooYu journey to payment cards to reduce manual overhead checking at pay out and increase AML controls. This new journey speeds up the pay out process and saves operators many man hours checking that pay outs are being sent to the right card.”