Holland Casino Endures Difficult Six Months With Revenue Decrease

Covid-19-related Casino closures are continuing to impact operators around the world. Even though facilities are reopening, there is a huge sense of loss from the closure.  Holland Casino in the Netherlands particularly has endured a difficult six months due to casino closures that lasted for three months due to the virus outbreak. The organisation saw a fall of 58.7 percent from the same time period in 2019, producing just €146.3 million.

Holland Casino’s fourteen locations were closed from March 13, and continued through July 1. The brand had been good this year before the virus struck. Visitor spending and attendance were up. The pandemic was hitting the firm hard, according to CEO Erwin van Lambaart. Nearly 4,000 workers were jobless and around €60 m a month was lost.

CFO Ruud Bergervoet said the company had enough resources to get through the time frame for the closure. Right now the shareholder was prepared early on not to receive a dividend for 2019 which provided the company with financial scope.

On July 1 Holland Casino reopened its premises and used the safety and health measures sector protocol. Social distancing is exercised with a limited number of on-site visitors. Holland Casino has just recently tightened restrictions even further to ensure a quality environment at its locations.

For the remainder of the year, the company expects its sales to be low, as it works with stringent measures in place. Now they’re looking at how they can keep the business financially stable and future-proof through this tough period.

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