Hoard of Poseidon Slot

The Hoard of Poseidon features a fantasy-based Greek Mythology theme. This theme is prevalent in many online casinos, but Red Tiger had managed to put exciting spins on the classic slot machine to make their game stand out.

Here is a game that allows you to explore the ancient depths of the ocean. Greek mythology has always been a fascinating and relevant topic in culture, like Red Tiger’s Ocean Fortune Slot. Thus, many casino slot games make use of this theme. Hoard of Poseidon focuses on the Ancient Greek Olympian god Poseidon, who was the god of the sea. The 5 x 4-reel slot has 30 unique paylines and beautifully designed symbols and themes. The aquatic-based features and symbols trigger special multipliers and three different types of wilds. The game is a treasure trove of undersea adventures and casino bonuses. 

This Hoard of Poseidon slots review will discuss how to play the slots, what unique features it contains, technical aspects of the online slot game and many more.

About Hoard of Poseidon Slot Game

The theme of this game is a fairly popular one. Greek-themed games are wildly popular, but the Hoard of Poseidon Slot takes it a step further by focusing on only one character from this mythology- the god Poseidon. The theme is aquatic, set in the dark depths of the sea. The game goes to great lengths to depict the intricate details of the underwater fantasy.

The game reels are intricately designed with Greek characters on the screen with the background depicting an underwater chamber. Chests of gold and treasure fill up the back. The game also has a great adventurous soundtrack that flows well with the gameplay. When a player spins or hits any special bonuses, the highs and lows add to the experience. 

The game symbols include seabed staples like shells, a ship in a bottle, a magical book, and rings to fit the game’s theme. Other symbols include the Greek alphabet and the number 10. The game is highly interactive with bubbles falling down the screen, modifiers swimming past the reels, and many other features discussed in the interactive features subheading. 

How to Play Hoard of Poseidon Slots Online

Hoard of Poseidon slot is very easy to play:

  • Players can make their initial bets from a range of 0.1 to 20 pounds before they begin playing. This can be done by clicking on the stake button and setting their bet.
  • The 5 x 4 slow is easy to understand and the autoplay feature allows players to spin automatically. They can spin each reel manually through the yellow spin button under the reels.
  • The game also has a turbo feature at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Players must land at least 3 of the same symbol on the 5 symbol row to form a winning combination.
  • Landing a full row of 5 of the same symbol comes with unique and fantastic rewards.

Hoard of Poseidon slots can be played on any device such as computers, tablets, mobile devices, other handheld devices and smart TVs. The graphic quality does not reduce on different platforms. The themed slot also functions as a mobile slot for easy access. None of the slot themes is lost in the transition from online to mobile.

Interactive Features

Major interactive features found on the Hoard of Poseidon slot include the following;

Stacking Multiplier – The stacking multiplier may appear on the screen at any spin. This feature comprises many symbols that give different increasing amounts of random multiplier values of up to 35x the original stake.

Wilds Symbols – Despite the fact that even the lowest symbols give a decent jackpot, the three wild symbols of this game are the standout feature. Unlike other casino slot games, Hoard of Poseidon does not just feature regular wilds. The same way the game takes popular themes in slot games and switches them up, the wilds symbols are also unique. They include The Poseidon Wild, the Kraken Wild, and the Chest Wild.

The Poseidon Wild is only featured on the 5th reel and takes up 2 x 2 spaces on the screen. Wilds can be combined to reveal special wilds. A combination of the Poseidon Wild with the Chest Wild leads to Cloned Wilds. These cloned chests are added to the player’s reels for greater results. The Poseidon Wild combines with the Kraken Wild to yield Ink Wilds. The fleeing Kraken leaves a trail of ink that scatters Ink Wilds all across the reels. 

The Kraken Wild is only featured on the 4th reel. When it is combined with the Chest Wild symbol, the Kraken latches onto every chest symbol to create locked wilds and holds them down for the next spin, increasing the player’s chances for a winning combination. 

The Chest Wild only appears on the first, second, and third reels. It can be combined with both the Poseidon and Kraken to yield a higher payout. 

Landing all three wild symbols in one single spin trigger Poseidon’s Plunder feature, which includes every modifier in the game collaborating for an incredible payout. Poseidon attacks the Kraken, who holds on to the chest wild while fleeing and leaving a trail of wild in its wake. It is difficult to land a Poseidon’s Plunder, but the payout is massive.

Paylines and Stakes

The maximum bet the game allows is 20, and the minimum is 0.1. Also, the game has 30 unique paylines for players to win rewards.

Hoard of Poseidon Slot Game Software

Hoard of Poseidon Slots is powered and manufactured by Red Tiger Gaming. Red Tiger is a game developer that was founded in 2014. The company produces and develops games in Europe and Asia. Red Tiger is a top-rated game development company, and they are well known and regularly release fun and exciting slot games.

The company claims to be passionate about casino games and continues to produce quality slot games. They are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and HM Government of Gibraltar. The company has won multiple awards, such as the Innovation in Slot Provision (Rocket Men), Innovation in Mobile (EGR), and RNG Casino Supplier of the year (EGR).

What is Hoard of Poseidon Slots RTP? 

 The RTP for Hoard of Poseidon Slots is 95.71%. RTP stands for return to player, and this percentage allows slot players to gauge how likely they are to land a win with each spin. Hoard of Poseidon has a slightly lower than average RTP compared to other online casinos, and this means that the slot machine will return to a somewhat lower degree than others.

Slot Volatility

Hoard of Poseidon Slot is medium volatility to low volatility slot. High volatility means it is harder to win with your spins on the place, but the jackpots are usually higher. Hoard of Poseidon has a medium to low volatility. This is because the standard symbols are easy enough to land wins on, but their jackpots are relatively low. The wild combinations are not as easy to land and have higher rewards.

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The game has very attractive graphics and gameplay is easy and fun and playing a small slot demo would interest any casino player. The designs of treasure chests filled with gold and ruby, bubbles on the screen, and others solidify the aquatic theme of the game. 

Hoard of Poseidon includes many bonus features that make it interactive and reveal high cash prizes. The most prominent of these are the wild symbols. A combination of wilds will lead to all sorts of rewards and the game will feature symbols such as shells, Poseidon’s bracelet and ships in a bottle to keep players engaged.

The game does not include free spins or scatter symbols, but the three different wilds symbols make up for it. It also does not include any bonus rounds. 

Despite its faults, the game is very well designed and developed. We would recommend it for a simple, ow stakes underwater adventure with fun bonus funds and jackpot slots. 

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