Hippodrome Report Venue Safe And Secure As Closure Looms

London’s Hippodrome Casino reported that the venue provided “a safe and secure environment for our customers and staff,” after expressing disappointment at another imminent closure as increased regulations are looming across England.

The comments come after news of a month-long lockdown was revealed at the weekend from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December, as case numbers for COVID-19 continue to grow across the UK as a whole.

Yesterday, the Betting and Gaming Council urged the government to allow casinos and betting shops to re-open safely when the current lockout period ends, so that they can return rather than rely on subsidies to contribute to the economy.

As for the closure order, Simon Thomas, CEO of Hippodrome Casino, said: “The great news is that we will be re-opening on Wednesday December 2, after a temporary closure for the national lockdown. The Hippodrome will shut for four weeks at 10pm, Wednesday November 4.

“This is due to the government’s request that all hospitality venues and casinos shut their doors to help stabilise the current pandemic.

“It’s obviously not something we want to do. We firmly believe we have created a safe and secure environment for our customers and staff.

“But close we must, and I sincerely hope you remain safe and healthy for the next few weeks. Please keep and eye on our social media and website for updates and come occasional entertainment.”

The new national constraints come as the government tries to reduce the everyday interaction people have with other individuals, which, in turn, it is hoped, will curb the spread of infection.

Increased restrictions include forcing individuals to stay at home, except for specific purposes; avoiding meeting with individuals with whom you do not live, except for specific purposes; and closing some companies and venues.

All non-essential shopping, indoor and outdoor leisure facilities, entertainment venues and personal care facilities are included in this last one.

The government says at the end of the four-week period that it will look to return to a regional strategy, based on the latest data available at that time.