High 5 Games Adds Hot Blox For An Immersive Experience

High 5 Games, an independent slot content producer, has chosen to impress users by adding another striking addition to its portfolio. The Hot Blox experience has been published by the brand, mixing the elements of tradition and creativity. Thanks to the inclusion of magnificent flames and growing multipliers, enter the inferno to expose an immersive experience.

Hot Blox is an immersive slot with spectacular possibilities, including Symbol Fusion features. Just complete all four positions of the reel and watch the four symbols combine and unleash a winning mix. With respect to the reels outside the winning combo, you’ll see them charging all the time and filling around the red metre. Over the following four spins, every charged reel will also become hot and deliver increasing awards.

Commenting on the brand new title, Phil Welty, Head of Game Design at High 5 Games, shared his view: “Hot Blox is a game that mixes unique, innovative gameplay with a ride and aesthetic that will appeal to fans of classic, stepper-style slots. Wins are formed by matching 2×2 blocks of small symbols to form 3 or more matching big symbols, but the real excitement of this game lies with the heat meters surrounding each block.”

He added: “The meters heat up with each successive miss on a given block until a fully charged meter ignites and awards multipliers on wins, including that block. The appeal of building up the heat will keep players engaged through any losses in anticipation of building up to a big win. Multiple ignited meters award progressively larger multipliers up to 100x on the base amount won, creating a volatile experience with explosive win potential. We can’t wait until players get the opportunity to experience this game first-hand!”

The official release is available from Tuesday 24 November at the High 5 Games. On Wednesday, November 25th, the game went live on the global H5G’s network.