HBF Announces Launch of 2020 Survey

The Horseracing Bettors Forum (HBF) has announced the launch of its 2020 survey that will encourage both on and off course betting punters to propose changes to current fixture lists.

The survey, which runs from February 27 to March 31, 2020, will provide racegoers with the opportunity to make their views heard on the issues surrounding race meetings, as well as the opportunity to propose changes.

HBF president Colin Hord said: “This short survey will allow those who bet and enjoy horseracing to contribute to the debate on the size of the fixture list. It will also survey some perennial questions including the need for days with no racing, the quantity of racing on Saturdays, and the type of racing that should feature on a card.”

Part of the survey will include asking bettors about their opinions on the number and type of races, lunchtime racing and meeting spread geographically.

Discussions are now taking place with many of the racing stakeholders on the 2021 fixture list, and the survey will encourage those who bet on the sport to get their voices heard.

This news comes after a four-week trial of non-standard race times by Horse Racing Ireland (HRI), and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

Non-standard race times are races not programmed on the5-minute standard marks (e.g. 3:08pm). The trial aimed to investigate the potential advantages of introducing non-standard race times for the sport and its fans on those afternoons when the racing volume in Britain and Ireland is relatively large.

Racing has been rocked in recent years by cuts in the number of race meetings, so the new survey will allow the sector to gauge a better understanding of the needs of punters.