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How about a Rock, Paper, Scissors game with a little addition of action and huge rewards? Microgaming has made this virtually possible with other games such as Lucky Leprechaun Scratch. We all know scratch card games have their appealing side, and many slot fans appreciate it. So the appealing side of this slot is the game’s concept and multiplier values. Pick your courage and be ready for fierce assassin combat skill fight against ferocious enemy troops!

Most slot fans are not conversant with scratch cards because of their simplicity. But this slot game has some complexities attributed to it.

Instead of just scratching and winning, players thrill with the variation in the game’s results. The game also has various rewards depending on your results, but not many bonus features. Therefore, this slot review will outline the features of this slot, its basic features, difficulty level, and how to play it on any casino online.

About Hand To Hand Slot

This slot completely uses the concept of the Rock, Paper, Scissors hand game. Hence, the name Hand to Hand combat. The game has five sets of panels comprising three different parts. The left-hand side is your move, while the middle is where the multiplier is situated, while the right side is where the opponent’s move is situated.  

The original game has rather ordinary graphics, probably because of the theme. But that doesn’t mean players won’t find the gold coins appealing. The texts are visible enough and the colours are bright. The game layout is a typical scratch card game layout with the paytable displayed on the left and the main game screen on the right.

Some unique animations on the left side feature two assassin combat fighters in white robes and straw hats. The control options are also positioned below the screen, making it easy for players to access anytime. The common slot features such as wild power symbols, bonus mode, bonus bets, and others are represented by other bonus features on this slot.

The highest multiplier on this game is 100x, however players do not have to worry too much about stakes as every round will end up awarding multipliers. The game also has a level of compatibility, hence it can be played on various devices without additional costs for the player.

How To Play Hand To Hand Slot Online

Playing this video slot machine is basic, and the control borders around three options. Try the demo version if you need practice before playing with real money. Check out the step-by-step approach for playing the game below:

  • Search and load the game on a suitable casino site.
  • Allow the game to fully load its interface, then select your stake.
  • The bet value can be changed with the + and – buttons on the lower left side of the screen.
  • Click the “NEW CARD” tab to begin playing, and your wins will be displayed in the right corner of the screen.

Hand To Hand can be played on different types of devices. Desktop and laptop users can run the game smoothly as long as there is a stable internet connection. Also, some mobile devices with good specifications can play the game, regardless of whether it is an Android or iPhone. The game can be played on tablet devices too.

Interactive Features

The interactive features might not be what most slot fans expect since there are no spinning reels, but this scratch card game has something on its plate. The first step in the game’s features is displaying the scratch cards with hidden hands beneath. Now, it’s your job to defeat the enemy with your tactical hand combat strategy. The player will have only five (5) chances to try the cards and possibly be able to turn the five chances into a win and claim bonus.

Once the scratch cards are displayed, players have to scratch 5 of them by clicking on the desired cards. Once the cards are scratched, the panels will also show the players’ hands and yours. The basic condition here is the same as the Rock, Paper game. So, paper beats rock and rock beats scissors, etc.

Therefore, you aim to beat your opponent. When you have a flat palm, you will beat the clenched fist of your opponent. In the same way, when you have a clenched fist, you’ll beat the opponent with two fingers pointed. But the two fingers will beat a flat palm. All the information can be seen at the paytable. The greatest wind possible here is the 100x multiplier, which can give you up to 1000 credits depending on your stake value.

It is not guaranteed that you will win in all five chances, and you might have to wait and uncover more symbols before finally hitting a win. This logic is brilliant, which is why many slot lovers enjoy this game. After finishing one round, the game can be reset for another by clicking the New Card tab on the control panel.

What Button Triggers Hand To Hand Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The game does not have bonus spins as there are no mechanical reels. There are also no bonus spins or free game offers on this casino scratch game.

If free spins are an essential element of gameplay for you, various Microgaming slots will offer up to 40 free spins totally free.

Paylines and Stakes

This digital and computerized slot machine does not have paylines, but it does have a paytable. There are different ways in which players can claim the bonus on this slot, which symbolizes the various multipliers available. The maximum coin size on this slot is 10.0, while the minimum bet is 0.5.

Hand To Hand Slot Game Software

This video slot machine was designed and operated by Microgaming. The company is a leading developer of online casino games in the casino industry. Microgaming has over twenty years of experience creating top-quality casino games for its clients and slot fans worldwide as a pioneer game developer. Several popular slot games such as Game of Thrones Slot, Happy Holidays Slot, Fortune Girl Slot and many others are products of Microgaming’s creative designs.

The company has supplied over 800 online betting platforms with intriguing and high-quality casino games. As a result, slot fans commonly find their online slot games on popular gaming sites and slot clubs like Leo Vegas, Playojo Casino, William Hill, 32Red Slots, Betway, BetVictor, Casumo Casino, Betclick, 777 Casinos and 888 Casinos.

What Is Hand To Hand Slots RTP?

The Hand To Hand Combine casino game has 96.75% payouts to players. It is quite fair when this return to player rate is compared to other classic slot machines. With this value, players are more assured of landing huge wins on this video slot game and getting reasonable coin payouts.

Slot Volatility

This game has a medium-level variance, and therefore the volatility is moderate. This ensures that players get a constant and regular winning streak, although the payments might not be as high as those of games with high volatility.


Coming across this type of slot can be very rare, which is why you should make your first deposit and enjoy it. The game has such a nice concept and graphic designs. It also has every beautiful feature slot fans need to have a good time with scratching and make considerable payouts to players without stress.

Also, the video slot machine uses unique hand gestures, and the multiplier bonus features are quite rewarding. It is noteworthy to mention the game’s fantastic medium volatility level, allowing players to steadily win on the reel with less effort than most online slots. 

Combined with the game’s RTP, all these offer a decent coin payout potential for any player. The game is a product of Microgaming and boosts it to be a trusted and safe slot to play on without unnecessarily losing one’s money. Therefore, this slot is recommended for exciting and interactive features, and of course, not to forget the frequent cash prizes.

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