Half Of EPL Teams To Have Gambling Business Sponsored Shirts

During the upcoming 2019/2020 English Premier League (EPL) season, half of the teams will have gambling business sponsored shirts, with the clubs earning £349 million in the next season from their shirt sponsorship deals. This is an increase of 10 percent from what the teams earned last season.

Ten of England’s top 20 teams will emblaze their shirts with gambling firms, thus setting a record number in the history of the EPL, after a slight rise from last year’s nine clubs.

The combined deal is worth £69 million for all ten teams and their gambling industry sponsors. Nevertheless, none of the top six teams in the EPL have a gambling business sponsoring their shirts.

The price is heavy for such a team as Manchester United whose Chevrolet shirt sponsorship is worth £65.6 million a year. Meanwhile United’s biggest rival, Manchester City’s shirt sponsorship deal is worth £45 million ($56 million) with Etihad Airways. The largest shirt sponsorship deal being worth £10 million to one of the teams.

EPL is without doubt one of the world’s most famous football leagues. It is favourite with businesses seeking wider exposure in sections of the global market. Gambling firms are some of the organisations that have acknowledged the global popularity and significance of the English football teams. But there are also gambling firms sponsoring shirts that are also based outside the UK.

There are pronounced sponsorship deals in the next level down from the EPL (the Championships), where 17 out of 24 league clubs have gambling business sponsored shirt.

UK leaders and awareness-raising gambling organisations have raised concerns about increasing UK gambling ads. Football specifically, has distinct ways of advertising gambling businesses from televised advertisements to pitch billboards and the shirt sponsorship. Because of the large amount of younger ardent football fans watching sporting events, it’s a worry for the movement of those against growing gambling campaigns.

In the campaigns to end soccer shirt sponsorship and broadcast gambling advertisements, Ladbrokes owner, GVC holdings are at the forefront.

Tom Watson, the Labor Party’s Deputy Leader also promised to push the gambling industry for action against football shirt sponsorship. Watson said: “Less than a year ago, we were told by the gambling industry that they are committed to reducing the amount of advertising in football.

“The time for warm words is over. Either the industry is going to act in good faith, or we will need stricter regulation of gambling advertising–starting with a ban on football shirt sponsorship.”

In breaking ranks with the sector and calling for action against shirt sponsorship deals with gambling businesses, Paddy Power Betfair also joined GVC holdings.

However, it’s a little different for Paddy Power campaigns as they’re not calling for the complete ban, but removing the logos of gambling businesses in the shirt sponsorship deals. The campaign is unofficially nicknamed the save Our Shirt Campaign.

With the enormous follow-up of English football leagues, any business has a excellent opportunity to boost its impact by signing a shirt sponsorship agreement with any EPL team and therein lies the problem.