Hairy Fairies Slot

Scratch card games often have hilarious themes and concepts, but Hairy Fairies Slot has a rather bizarre concept behind its actions. This game is a scratch card video game with 12 floating fairies taking different positions on the screen. The game has a surreal graphics quality and the sound effects are also satisfactory. There are also interesting winning potentials in this game, even though most players would argue.

There is a chance to win the 2,500 multipliers on your bet wins if you get yourself the right winning combinations. The slot game takes place on a night with fairy dust, with an unkempt garden and battered fairies hanging in midair, waiting to be picked. There are other features on this game that are yet to be unravelled, and this casino slot review will discuss them below.

About Hairy Fairies Slot

Hairy Fairies is a Microgaming scratch card software, similar to the scratch card slot Granny Prix, which uses a fairy-tale theme to lighten the mood of players. The game takes place ins an enchanting night right in the middle of a Podunk town, and with drunken bald hairy fairies hanging carelessly in midair. These fairies as innocent as they might look good the key to some big wins.

Although there are not many details on the screen, it still has enough options for players to have a jolly time playing. The game uses a dark theme to highlight the vibrant colours of the fairies. The graphics here are also neat, there are bright colours, and the animations are excellent. There are empty cans of beer lying on the ground, and they are creatively used to position the control options for the game.

Also, when a winning combination is landed, the not too beautiful fairies involved will become more radiant to notify the player of the combo, and in some cases, the fairies make sounds, which further makes the game entertaining. The game is played like all scratch games, whereby players need to select a certain number of cards out of a total and reveal the hidden symbols beneath those cards. If the winning combination is revealed, the player is awarded an equivalent of the amount of money that the winning combo results.

How To Play Hairy Fairies Slot Online

Playing this slot game is quite easy. As long as you have a clear vision of the game’s screen, and you can make out which cards to pick, then you won’t have any problem playing. There is a demo version of the game too if you are unsure of playing with real money. Below are steps to follow when playing this game:

  • Once you have opened the game on your favourite casino site, allow the interface to load.
  • Then click the – or + buttons on the beer can lying on the left side of the screen. This allows you to decrease or increase your bet size respectively.
  • Once you have specified the stake, click on 9 fairies among the 12 available ones to begin the game and reveal your wins.
  • Alternatively, for a faster game, you can use the “Reveal All” can at the bottom of the screen to randomly reveal the cards and possibly get a winning combo.

This online casino game can be played on a wide variety of device types with a stable internet connection. As long as you use an appropriate internet browser, you won’t have much trouble playing this game on desktop computers and laptops. Mobile devices can also be used in playing this game, but the accessibility might only be possible via mobile casino apps and not through browsers.

Interactive Features

Hairy Fairies Slot is simple to play, but that does not mean it lacks special features such as scatter and wild symbols that keep players glued to their seats. The game has 12 possible choices of fairies for players, and each choice can be different from the next. The fairies are arranged on a 4 by 3 grid, and the winning combination is achieved when you reveal all the nine (9), symbols and match 3 of them on the slot.

After all the 9 game icons are revealed, you get a result. The symbols are the matched, and the multipliers in this result are the one that is applied to your stake. For instance, if a 5x multiplier is revealed for your 5 credit bet, it means you will get 25 credits for that game. Same way as the 2,500x multiplier will boost your wins if you reveal it.

The highest win on this slot is 25,000 credits, and it is issued for the highest multiplier. The base game does not have a paytable, and you can click the question mark on the top right corner to open the rules of the game. Interestingly, multipliers are not represented by any specific fairy.

The game has 6 multipliers, which are x2, x3, x5, x12, x100, and x2,500. And only one of the multipliers can be won during a single game. If there are more than one multipliers, the highest one will be used, and the other is dumped. There is no limit to the number of winnings allowed here, and bonus features are limited to the game multiplies.

What Button Triggers Hairy Fairies Slot Bonus Free Spins?

As there are no reels or spinning mechanism, this game does not offer free spins, and there spins to players. There is also no chance of a bonus game or other bonus features when playing this casino slot game. Remember, you can grab up to 20 free spins on plenty of slots from Microgaming.

Paylines and Stakes

This casino slot game does not have paylines, and neither does it have paytables because the multiplier values are not fixed to a specific fairy symbol. But there are 6 different ways in which players can win, which symbolizes the 6 multipliers available. The maximum coin size on this slot is 10.0 while the minimum is 0.5.

Hairy Fairies Slot Game Software

The software behind this online scratch card game is Microgaming. The company is one of the leading firms in the e-gaming industry, hence, offers jolly good games to the table. The team of developers at Microgaming design high-quality games with excellent graphics and interesting concepts that match the players’ demands.

Asides from this, the company is also licensed to operation by reputable international gaming regulation bodies like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). They are also co-founders of the eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation Authority). Microgaming has also developed popular and interesting online casino games such as Mega Moolah, Great Griffin, Tarzan, Bit Top, and many others

What Is Hairy Fairies Slots RTP?

The game has an average return to player rate. The value is exactly the accepted average of 95%, which means the game offers an average payout for every bet placed. If a player bets 100 units, at least 95 units are returned to players.

Slot Volatility

Hairy Fairies Slot has medium volatility, meaning that players will get frequent big wins and payouts while playing.


A thorough look through this game’s features, and one can only commend the team of developers for the job well done. For anyone accustomed to scratch card games, this game will be of great interest because of its simplicity and huge cash prizes. The game has a nice graphics design, animations, and befitting sound effects.

There are various cards to choose from and options to choose up to 9 of them. The multipliers are also considerably high when compared to similar slot games. The game has an average RTP and medium volatility which translates to a fat pocket for smart players. There are also amazing additional features such as the “Reveal All”, which aids the ease of gameplay. This casino game is therefore a really good recommendation for slot fans who love to play a simple game, abide by the rules, and get surprised by wins.