GVC To Retain Optimove CRM Suite

GVC Holdings has announced that Optimove will maintain its group-wide customer retention management ( CRM) provisions for a further five-year period as the lead software provider.

GVC has moved to incorporate the ‘Relationship Marketing Hub’ of Optimove to act as the ‘community enterprise apps’ of the FTSE100 business through its enlarged global igaming portfolio to extend its current agreement.

GVC retains the CRM software of Optimove as it carries out a series of key integration initiatives to improve the convergence of consumer marketing functions for its Ladbrokes Australia products, NEDs and ROAR Digital joint venture in the US.

Optimove benefits will see all GVC products serviced with automated real-time customer knowledge, helping GVC community activities achieve immediate customer retention commitments, while further enhancing senior management teams’ oversight of player duties.

Performance Marketing, CRM, and Group Martech Director at GVC Holdings Simon Gatenby said: “Optimove proved to be the ultimate partner to help to achieve our aspirational CRM and player marketing goals.

“We are confident that extending this strategic partnership with Optimove to our entire, global portfolio for the next 5 years, and incorporating Optimove’s real-time technology, will yield mutual success, and keep our CRM efforts ahead of the curve.”

GVC management announced that the CRM contract of Optimove had been extended, matching ‘continuous successive growth’ across key customer metrics related to value enhancement, maximisation of interaction and declining churn.

Pini Yakuel, Optimove’s Founder and CEO said: “Throughout the years working together with the GVC brands, we’ve been able to generate industry-leading CRM practices. We strive to continue powering GVC’s player marketing, maintaining its place as a strategic, competitive advantage of the entire group.”

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