GVC Name Dr Mark Griffiths As Safer Play Advisor For Scientific Edge

GVC Holdings has named Dr Mark Griffiths, a distinguished behavioural addiction specialist and gambling psychologist, as a strategic advisor on player safety and the advancement of ‘safer play’ technology for the business.

Dr Griffiths, who leads gambling addiction study for Nottingham Trent University, will be responsible for auditing the group-wide policies, procedures and protocols of GVC with regard to the creation of safer gambling environments for all GVC customers.

GVC, marked as a key appointment, emphasised that its latest ‘Corporate Sustainability Charter’ guidelines will be backed by academic and scientific scrutiny to resolve the challenges of running a multinational gambling sector on a mass scale.

The expertise and study of Dr Griffiths will play a vital role in the implementation of the current ‘Advanced Responsibility & Care (ARC) initiative’ of GVC, as the FTSE100 organisation supports its proprietary technology and systems to help recognise problem gambling habits, avoid harm and refine essential approaches for community customer care.

As the operator seeks academic and R&D-based collaborations to secure the rapid multi-state growth of its US joint venture BetMGM, Dr Griffiths will serve as a key advisor for GVC’s new multi-million-dollar relationship with Harvard Medical School.

Shay Segev, Chief Executive said: “We know that the most responsible operator will also be the most successful operator, which is at the heart of Entain and our new strategy.

“Our investments in new technologies, and partnership with Dr Griffiths and Harvard, underpin our firm commitment to providing customers with the safest and most enjoyable player experience possible.”

As GVC now maintains a global database of over 160 million players, Segev noted the value of GVC improving its academic and science oversight of player behaviour in all markets.

“I’m delighted to be joining GVC at this time because it gives me an unprecedented opportunity to help deliver innovative technological advances supported by evidential scientific research to improve player protection,” Dr Griffiths said.

“I plan to apply the understanding and specialist expertise built over a long career in psychology to reduce the risks of problem play.”