GVC Joins PPF To Improve UK Betting Reputation

GVC Holdings has formed a new partnership with the Professional Players Federation (PPF) to support, defend and improve the reputation of betting in the UK.

GVC will assist the PPF in providing sports betting credibility training programs to the 17,500 professional athletes throughout the UK as part of the new agreement.

David Foster,  GVC’s Head of Regulatory Affairs commented: “British sport is amongst the most respected in the world and is intrinsically linked to our business. That is why we believe it is important that we play our part to guard against the dangers and temptations that young professional sportspeople may face.

“We are therefore delighted to partner with the Professional Players Federation and look forward to supporting the vital work they carry out. Sportsmen and women in the UK are watched throughout the world and GVC is delighted to support the PPF’s work protecting sporting integrity.”

It is hoped that GVC’s PPF support will help finance teacher coaching, group trips to education and e-learning services across a range of different sports that will be targeted to young players and senior professionals.

Brendon Batson OBE, PPF Chairman added: “We are thrilled to welcome GVC to the partnership to promote sports betting integrity in the UK.  Education is one of the best defences against the threat of match-fixing and it’s great to see another leading betting company supporting this important work.

“GVC’s support will enable us to expand our education to include more sports and reach more athletes with a special emphasis on young players.

“The partnership is a great example of how sport and the betting industry are working together to protect British sport and its reputation for integrity.”