GVC Holdings Reorganises Customer Support Teams

GVC Holdings has restructured its customer support departments, preempting regulatory and legal reforms imposed on its UK online gaming activities.

The FTSE100 gaming company has announced that it will make improvements to its VIP schemes and customer service procedures in accordance with the guidelines set out by the latest code of conduct of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC).

The BGC announced its new industry safeguards on VIP interactions, game designs and further advertising standards this April, concluding a series of ‘industry working groups.’

As part of the action plan, all members of the BGC agreed to limiting VIP services to consumers aged 25 years and over. In addition, BGC leaders clarified that all VIP communications with respect to benefits and bonuses should be independently audited.

The operator released the following statement confirming their inbound modifications: “GVC confirms that in line with its adoption of the Betting & Gaming Council’s new code of conduct for the management of high value customers (HVCs), it is restructuring its customer care teams. GVC was the lead operator in the industry working group on what were formally referred to as VIP schemes.”

“This work paved the way for the creation of the new code, which introduces significant enhancements to responsible gambling safeguarding measures for HVC schemes and reduces the number of customers eligible to participate, including a complete restriction for those aged under 25.

“As a result of the restructure, a number of roles have been identified at risk, though it is hoped and expected that by offering alternate positions within the Group, compulsory redundancies will be kept to a minimum.”