Grupo Codere Announce Shackleton’s Appointment

Grupo Codere has announced Shackleton’s appointment as its new creative marketing agency, as the Bolsa Madrid gambling group aims to refresh its reputation in its Spanish home market while increasing its public profile across the South American growth markets target of the company.

Shackleton wins the multinational account following Codere’s May strategic pitch in which the gambling company asked agencies to draught ‘360 advertising campaigns repositioning its legacy brand to a global audience.’

Announcing Shackleton as a new creative lead, Codere announced that it will start in Spain and Mexico a new digital advertisement campaign using its latest marketing model to be rolled out to ‘other Latin American markets.’

A unit of Accenture Interactive, the digital media subsidiary of the professional service group Accenture Plc, Shackleton is known as one of the leading Spanish language marketing companies – holding UBER Spain, El Pais, Durex, EuroMillions and Max Factor’s multimillion euro advertisement accounts.

Shackleton CEO Pablo Alzugaray stated: “There are few categories as vibrant as sports betting, and no brand in it is as dynamic as Codere. A huge honour and opportunity to contribute to the construction of its brand inside and outside of Spain.”

Shackleton assumes charge of Codere ‘s global advertisement account as the Spanish gambling company restructures its operating units after its current debt-holders accepted a further €250 million credit extension – a deal that saw Codere escape bankruptcy.

Codere marketing manager Carlos González de las Cuevas added: “At Codere we put creativity at the center of our communication and that makes us different in such a competitive sector. We are sure that together with Shackleton we will surprise all the players in Spain and Mexico with our next campaign .”