Groupe FDJ Reports Rapid Acceleration Toward Growth

As its commercial operations overcome France’s pandemic challenges and begin to beat 2019 results, Groupe FDJ has claimed a “rapid acceleration toward growth.”

FDJ reports combined group stakes (lottery sales and sports betting wagers) of €9.1 billion in its 2021 interim accounts (period ending 30 June), up 32 percent from €6.8 billion in H1 2020 and a considerable 8 percent increase over €8.5 billion in H1 2019.

Normalisation of French business environments

According to FDJ, the recovery was aided by a strong response to the ‘normalisation of French business environments’ beginning in mid-May, allowing France’s national lottery to fully reactivate its point-of-sale network in early June.

FDJ’s flagship lottery operation generated sales of 6.8 billion in the first half of 2019, surpassing its 2019 “normal calendar performance” of €6.6 billion.

The UEFA Euro 2020 championships took place in June, boosting FDJ sports wagers (retail and online) to €2.2 billion (H1 2020: €1.1 billion, H1 2019: €1.8 billion).

Euro 2020

Commenting on Euro 2020 trading, FDJ said: “Despite the absence of the France team from the final, the tournament generated 260 million euros in bets for FDJ, with average stakes per game of 5 million euros, comparable to those recorded during the 2018 World Cup, but a 20 percent lower number of matches between UEFA Euro 2020 and the previous World Cup.”

In addition, FDJ increased its group H1 turnover to €1.1 billion, up 9 percent from €995 million in H1 2019. In terms of turnover, FDJ paid out €6.9 billion in player earnings () and contributed €1.8 billion in public levies.

FDJ reported €590 million in group period expenditure (H1 2020: €480 million), of which €200 million was allocated to marketing of its network reopening and Euro 2020 activities.

FDJ would report operational income of €195 million (H1 2019: €165 million) and net profits of €146 million (H1 2020: €50 million / 2019: undisclosed) in the interim period’s final results.

FDJ governance maintains its 2021 financial prediction of “generating a group stakes of €18 billion, turnover of + €2.2 billion, and an EBITDA margin rate greater than or equal to 22 percent,” while “maintaining pandemic observations.”

Increased bets

The CEO of the FDJ Group, Stéphane Pallez, stated: “The second quarter confirmed a recovery of our activities to levels higher than those recorded before the crisis. 

“Our bets are increasing, both on digital and in our network of points of sale. Over the half-year as a whole, we thus recorded a turnover up by almost 9 percent compared to 2019. 

“In the absence of new restrictive measures linked to the evolution of the health situation, the Group anticipates maintaining good momentum in the second half of the year and is confident in its business and results outlook while respecting its responsible gaming model. “

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