Group FDJ To Support France’s Plug And Play

The Group FDJ has joined a number of other companies in supporting France’s Plug and Play ecommerce accelerator programme.

Groupe FDJ will assist new start-ups with experienced guidance on French retail and e-commerce disciplines as the operating business of France’s National Lottery, which is maintained by its Française des Jeux unit.

Plug and Play’s accelerator programme was founded in Silicon Valley in 2006 and has since become one of the most successful investment platforms in the world of technology.

PayPal, Google, and Dropbox all received early enterprise funding through Plug and Play’s programme, which helped the accelerator programme expand internationally.

Plug and Play, which has its headquarters in Paris, will host its dedicated e-commerce and retail programme, which aims to optimise new start-ups disrupting the complicated disciplines of supply chain logistics, shop management, distribution, and omni-channel payments, among other things.

Developing network

FDJ’s Director of Strategy, Innovation, and New Activities, Raphaël Botbol said: “We are supporting Plug and Play’s ecosystem to create privileged relationships with market players and develop its network in France and internationally (start-ups , entrepreneurs, partners).”

As a ‘mass-market steward’ of Plug and Play’s accelerator programme supporting French retail innovation, FDJ joins Carrefour, Groupe Lafayette, Lacoste, Kering, and Moncler.

Christian Kunz, Director of Plug and Play France said: “We are very happy to see FDJ join Plug and Play Brand & Retail. FDJ has made a strong choice, that of joining an innovative network of international retailers and e-merchants while keeping a local foothold.

“Since 2016, we have been supporting more traditional traders. It is therefore with great excitement and joy that we welcome FDJ which, through its unique positioning and its knowledge of the start-up ecosystem, will be able to bring a new point of view and a new vision to our cohort of partners.”

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