Greyhound Racing Extends UK Coverage Via RPGTV Channel

Greyhound racing will greatly expand its UK coverage, as on Saturday 6 February, the dedicated ‘RPGTV’ channel of the Racing Post will make its first daytime broadcast.

Ladbrokes’ Golden Jacket

RPGTV will air a full day of greyhound races, starting with coverage at Crayford Park of the Ladbrokes’ Golden Jacket, followed by the Shelbourne Gold Cup’s full evening racing programme.

Ladbrokes Golden Jacket was a regular at Crayford Park (Dartford) on Saturday morning, being first staged at Harringay during the 1970s for over 30 years, when it sporadically appeared on ITV as a horse-racing replacement.

‘The most valuable off-course betting competition’

Ladbrokes Golden Jacket returns as a morning event known as “the most valuable off-course betting competition” for UK greyhounds following a four-year flirtation with an evening schedule ending in 2019.

Only in previous years has RPGTV coverage been limited to the first round, but the entire competition will now be covered in its entirety on three consecutive Saturday nights, 6, 13 and 20 February.

Traditional Saturday morning slot

Ian Smyth, Director of Racing for Crayford said: “We’re delighted that the extension of RPGTV’s coverage means we’ve been able to retain the traditional Saturday morning slot for the Golden Jacket.

“Current circumstances mean betting shops will be unable to provide coverage this year, but this announcement ensures that a great and long-standing event remains accessible to all.”

“The staying division has thrown up some fantastic racing in the last 12 months and we’re sure to see some stars at Crayford in the build-up over the next two Saturday evenings and the following Saturday morning when the main event kicks off.”

‘Best Car Parks Gold Cup’

The February schedule of RPGTV will further endorse exclusive coverage at Shelbourne Park Dublin of the ‘Best Car Parks Gold Cup’.

The Gold Cup, first staged in 1998, is remembered as an Irish classic of greyhounds, having begun the careers of the legendary champions Paul Hennessy’s Late Late Show (2001) and the late Seamus Graham’s Mineola Farloe (2006).

Greyhound Racing Ireland Chief Executive Ger Dollard has established RPGTV coverage as a major target for the sport.

“I’m delighted that the ‘Best Car Parks Gold Cup‘ from Shelbourne Park is the first Irish greyhound racing competition to be featured live on RPGTV in 2021. It promises to be an excellent night of racing and we are delighted to be delivering live competitive greyhound racing from Ireland,” he remarked.

Significant milestone

Meanwhile, Kevan Moretti, RPGTV’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, described morning races as a significant milestone for the TV scheduling and coverage of Greyhound racing, in which the channel has made a major investment in engaging wider audiences.

Moretti said: “RPGTV powers on with a set of top class racing in the first week of its new High-definition transmission platform being launched, and there are further announcements still to come.  Breaking into daytime racing coverage is another first and we look forward to our audience relishing RPGTV’s expanding schedule.

“Following on from RPGTV’s coverage of the Irish Derby last year we are delighted to have racing back-on from Shelbourne Park featuring as a Saturday evening feature in the first week of our HD output.