Green Jade Games Hires First Look Games Marketing System

First Look Games marketing system has reinforced its igaming connections after Green Jade Games online slot company has become the recent company to hire its services.

The alliance is designed to allow Green Jade immediate entry to internet casino subsidiaries to exchange wealth and data about its complete suite of players and any upcoming slot releases as it seeks to maximise visibility between subsidiaries and the wider internet.

This includes player data pages and promotional resources such as icons, pictures and pictures that are then added to the First Look store where members can download them separately or in combination to assist produce high-value material.

Tom Galanis, founder of First Look Games, said of the deal: “We are thrilled to welcome Green Jade to the FLG family and to be able to help the rising star developer gain even greater exposure for its ground-breaking games that have already taken the market by storm.”

In addition, Green Jade can also bring benefit of the First Look Games discount, enabling it to upload property two decades previous to the launch of graphics.

This will enable a selected amount of subsidiaries to be provided a’ first glance’ to generate material that will be published as quickly as the play is released in advance.

The company also offers a warning function that Green Jade can use to announce network offers, reward campaigns and service alliances to the publisher network of First Look, as it aims to bring “engagement to the next level.”

Benedict McDonagh, managing director of Green Jade Games, added on the new agreement: “We see affiliates as one of the most powerful marketing channels for driving awareness around our brand and games, and First Look Games is the only way to gain direct access to the best online casino publishers in the world.”